Building That Plays Music And Singing in the Rain to Attract Tourist

This singing wall has tourists braving stormy weather to listen to its music, composed only when skies are grey. An intricate system of drains and funnels is attached on the outside of a colourful house in Germany and when it rains the entire building becomes an instrument. The house is located in Neustadt Kunsthofpassage, an area of Dresden part of an arts project called the Courtyard of Elements.
The singing house was created by sculptor Annette Paul and designers Christoph Rossner and André Tempel, who all live in the musical home. Ms Paul said she was inspired by her home in St Petersburg where she would listen to the ‘rain theatre’ of the pipes outside her home. The Courtyard of Elements also have a yellow façade with aluminum panels representing the light, and a green one adorned with giraffes and monkeys representing the animals. Neustadt Kunsthofpassage has a total of five courtyards, including the ‘Courtyard of Metamorphoses and the Couryard of Mythical Creatures’.

Man Caught in Cross-Dressing in UAE after a woman spotted his moustache

A cross-dressing man was arrested in a 'ladies only'-park in the United Arab Emirates after his moustache gave him away. The man was wearing a black abaya, covering his face with a headscarf, when he visited a park in the the Sharjah emirate to ‘perv’, a police statement said. The Indian national was spotted by a woman who saw his moustache and reported him to the police.
An official at Sharjah Police said: 'The suspect was caught wearing women’s clothes. The park was exclusively for women on that day. 'He was walking around the park in the abaya enjoying his time there.' The man will be charged with cross-dressing, an illegal act in Sharjah. Upon his arrest Sharjah Police discovered that the Indian national did not have a legal visa and will also be charged with staying illegally in the country.
Sharjah is considered the strictest of the United Arab Emirates and it is the only emirate where alcohol is completely banned. Their ‘Decency and Public Conduct Rules and Objectives’ came in to force in 2001 and dictates a conservative dress code for men and women. It also includes a ban on unmarried men and women being alone ‘in public places, or in suspicious times or circumstances’