Pet cat spends 24 hours on a road sign 50ft off the ground

Posted on 12:32 PM by Sameer Shah

A curious cat used up all of its nine lives after getting stuck on a 50ft-high traffic sign above a busy motorway.

Police and animal lovers launched a major rescue operation after the puss spent 24 hours trapped on the sign alongside the M4.

Traffic officers set up a rolling roadblock as a crane was brought in to reach the frightened moggy.

Scaffolder Hugh Norville, 47, who went up in the crane lift, said: 'I was shocked when I saw him up there - you certainly don’t expect to see a cat perched above the M4.

'But we couldn’t have just left him up there. He was cold and scared, he could have died, I wasn’t going to let that happen.'

Brave Hugh climbed onto the concrete sign platform at Briton Ferry, near Swansea, armed with a tin of cat food to tempt the pet down.

He said: 'He was well-looked after - what made him climb onto the sign is a complete mystery.

'But whoever owns him should re-name him Lucky because he’s used all his nine lives up in one go.'

The cat was handed over to the RSPCA who returned him to his relieved owner today.

A spokeswoman said: 'The cat was well and truly stuck - but everyone pulled out all the stops to bring him down.

'It just just goes to show what a nation of animal lovers we are.'

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