Street fighter demolishes car with his bare hands

Posted on 3:38 AM by Sameer Shah

Car demolition typically requires tons of heavy machinery.

But one wannabe street fighter has literally taken the matter into his own bare hands in this viral video.

The man, dressed in a karate gi, unleashes fury on the four-door sedan, ripping it apart piece by piece.

The scene appears to be inspired by video game Super Street Fighter IV, in which character Ryu crushes an SUV with his martial arts moves in a bonus round called Car Crush.

Standing in a junkyard, the real-life video opens with a weak one-two punch.
But the determined street fighter eventually manages to impress with his seemingly super human strength as he channels his rage into the self-styled demolition

Viewers might wince as they see him turn to the car, trying and failing to punch out a headlight.

After several jabs, he gives up and rips it from the body, along with the front bumper.

He then gets a running start, but his punch to the hood leaves hardly a dent after he lands on his belly. Finally, he peels the entire hood up from the windshield, bending it back until it nearly snaps in two.

An in-car camera shows glass shattering as he punches out the windows and bends the doors backwards.

Several drop kicks and belly flops later, the car is crushed like a soda can.

It all goes up in flames though when he finishes the job, breathing a wall of fire onto the wreckage.

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