TV journalist reports on an assault and looks just like the police artist's sketch of the wanted man

Did you just do a double take?
A TV news report on an assault has sparked an internet sensation – because the journalist presenting it looks almost identical to the police artist’s sketch of the suspect.The CBS Baltimore broadcast by Mike Hellgren covers the breaking news that local police are hunting a man who punched a woman in a road rage attack.But now, despite the scary nature of the crime, Mr Hellgren has become part of the story, with several internet sites commenting on the uncanny resemblance.

Several remarks about the similarity in appearances also appeared on CBS Baltimore’s website, under a written version of the report.One reader says: ‘I KNOW WHO IT IS. It’s the reporter! Ma’am can you describe the man who did this to you yeah he looked like you. Case solved lol.’ Another writes: ‘This may sound awfully strange but does anyone else see something similiar about the sketch and the reporter? Just sayin’…’

Of course there is no suggestion the reporter is in anyway connected with the crime, which happened on the I-83 highway at around 10pm last Friday.The man the police are seeking allegedly attacked the woman after their cars were involved in an accident.CBS Baltimore reporter Mike Hellgren says that the attacker even offered the woman cash not to call police.But when she dialled 911, the attacker grabbed her phone and punched her before dragging her to the trees. Luckily she did manage to escape and flag down help from other motorists.Police said the man was driving a Jeep Wrangler with Pennsylvania plates and both Maryland and Pennsylvania state police are part of the manhunt to find him.