World's longest cigar rolls into the record books

Posted on 7:25 AM by Sameer Shah

This is the world's longest cigar - made by an expert who was clearly on a roll.

The amazing Havana - made in Cuba of course - checks in at a stunning 268.4ft (81.8metres)

And when word came through from the people at Guinness, Jose Castelar was celebrating his fifth world record.

'Cuba is the country where the best tobacco is grown, and as long as Cueto is around, Cuba will have the world's longest cigar,' he said referring to himself by his nickname.

Castelar, 67, had been working on the supersmoke since April 25, toiling away about eight hours a day.

And he's not stopping there. His next goal -is to smash this record with an effort that tops 100m.

He deserves a reward - maybe a nice fat cigar. Perhaps he can make his own

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