Cozy Coupe is the best selling car of all types in 2011

It gives off zero emissions, costs nothing at the petrol pump and rarely breaks down.

So perhaps it’s little wonder the Cozy Coupe is something of a bestselling car.

Unfortunately though, it takes forever to do 0-60mph and only takes one passenger at a time.

But even that hasn’t stopped the 2011 model of Cozy Coupe outselling the Ford Focus and the Vauxhall Corsa in the UK.


Total Cozy Couple sales: 133,535

1 Fiesta: 95,261

2 Focus: 81,616

3 Corsa: 77,230

4 Golf: 62,604

5 Astra: 63,096

6 Insignia: 46,417

7 Polo: 46,974

8 3 Series: 42,689

9 Qashqai: 39,667

10 MINI: 37,375

Totting up unit sales of over 130,000 in the past 12 months puts it way ahead of any other model in statistics compiled by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

The £49.99 car is also the run-about of choice for the children of professional driver and former Top Gear star Ben Collins.

The design of the chassis has changed little since it was first produced in 1979, since when 21million Cozy Coupes have been around the world.

The car's design, described as a ‘cross between a Volkswagen Beetle and Fred Flintstone's vehicle’, was created by Jim Mariol, who had worked as a designer at Chrysler in the USA.

First sold in 1979 as one of the first molded-plastic toy cars sold in the United States, it was called the ‘world's best-selling car for much of this decade’ by The New York Times in 1998, outselling the Honda Accord and Ford Taurus.

Reacting to this year’s chart topping position, Andrew Laughton, of Little Tikes said: ‘We are not surprised that the Cozy Coupe has topped Britain’s best-selling vehicle sales.

‘It is a regular favourite with parents and kids alike and the Cozy Coupe never fails to delight children who love the feature of being able to get into and ‘drive away’ in their own car.

‘Parents love the fact this robust vehicle offers a good few years of quality play value and they’re also very reliable.

‘Plus many of today’s parents have their own fond memories of owning a Cozy Coupe as a child.’

UK sales of the toy were further boosted earlier this year with the introduction of the GB Coupe, a navy blue coloured model sporting a Union Jack on the roof.

Launched just in time for the Royal Wedding Celebrations, the special edition vehicle is sold through ToysRUs and other toy showrooms.

Sales have also been strong for the Pink coloured Princess Coupe, a police liveried Patrol Coupe, and a taxi range, which also includes a London Black Cab version.

The world's shortest firefighter at just 4ft 2in tall

Firemen are often admired for their large stature but one man is proving that size really doesn't matter.

Standing at just 4ft 2in tall, Vince Brasco, 19, has been a volunteer fireman in his area for four years.

Whilst he has yet to pass the necessary exams that allow him too enter burning buildings, Brasco is responsible for manning the water pipes when on call in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Vince can bench-press over three times his own 6st 3lb (87lb) weight, lifting 19 stone (265lb), and cites his upper body strength for his ability to handle the department's' heavy-duty equipment.

He said: 'I work out a lot - as much as I can down at my gym. It really helps on the job. You need to be strong.

'Because I can lift so much I'm handy at salvage jobs where we have to move heavy bits of metal debris - like after car accidents.

'And it means I can be part of the line of men using a hose. If you weren't strong enough that thing would fly out of control.'

Vince wears a custom-made fire suit. He said: 'We had to take a normal suit and have it reduced down to fit me. It was great when I put it on for the first time.'

The teenager works part time in an electronics store and is studying to become a nurse to help others with health needs. Whenever he can, he responds to calls for the volunteer fire service.

'If I am in the area then I just drop everything and run,' he said.

He was born with achondroplasia - a type of dwarfism that affects bone growth.

He said: 'I'll never let having achondroplasia stop me from doing anything.

'I just set my mind to something and I go out and do my best. I wanted to be a fireman as a child so as soon as I was old enough to volunteer at 16 I did it.'

Vince is now looking to complete his Firefighter Essentials exam which would allow him to enter burning buildings.

'Until then I'm happy to just fight fires from the outside, and attend other emergencies, but I know I've got what it takes.'

His greatest challenge was when a neighbour's house caught fire last year.

Vince, who lives with dad Bill, 50, who works for the local government, mum Lesa, 49, an executive assistant, and sister Adele, 15, said: 'It was near my home and I knew the family inside.

'I was part of the crew outside and was firing water in through a second-floor window.

'It was the first time there was an accident involving someone I knew and I was really worried.

'Sadly they lost their two German Shepherds in the fire but all the people got out safe and I knew we did everything we could. I felt proud to be part of the crew that saved them.'

Albino snail found in New Zealand shows his true colour

As if there are not enough creatures down under to put off most travellers, now there are giant albino meat-eating snails to contend with.

It was spotted by a group of hikers in the wilderness of New Zealand.

Maria Brooks, who took this astonishing picture said: 'It is a rare albino giant Powelliphanta.

'It was seen by myself and some of the Waimea tramping club members.

'We were in the bush on the side of a walking track in Mt Arthur area of Kahurangi National Park in New Zealand.

'It is believed to be at least ten years old.

'The only times I have seen giant snails out during the day is when the bush is very moist from previous rain.

'Before I saw the white one I had seen a few ordinary ones. They generally have a brown/grey body.

Although it may be a good subject for a low budget horror movies, the Powelliphanta snail is not quite a man-eater - yet.

They can grow to around the size of a man's fist and lives for around 20 years.

They feed on worms and slugs and any other small creature that can't outrun a snail, not reputed to be the world's fastest creature.

They have few enemies, but remain endangered. They lay up to 10 eggs a year that are hard like a bird's

Daredevil performs nerve-shredding tightrope walk 3,000ft above Yosemite Park,without a safety harness

This is the incredible moment an adrenaline junkie takes tightrope walking to new heights. Daredevil Mich Kemeter performs a delicate balancing act at a dizzying altitude of more than 3,000ft over Yosemite National Park in California. The 23-year-old inched across the 25metre-long wire, which was just one-inch wide, three times.
He then bravely - some would say, irresponsibly - abandoned his safety rope for one final walk across the steep gully. The stunt was part of the dangerous craze of high-lining - tightrope walking at some of the world's most terrifying locations. It was captured on camera by photographer Alexandre Buisse, from Chamonix in the French Alps. Mr Buisse admitted he was worried for Mr Kemeter as he watched the terrifying walk unfold. The 26-year-old said: 'I was worried for Mich's safety but I also knew that he has lots of experience with this sort of thing. 'He was in control at all times and was ready to pull the plug at any moment if things didn't feel right.
'He made four crossings in total and chose to try one without the safety leash. 'Even with the safety leash, a fall would probably mean breaking an ankle, knee or hip, so even with it the stakes are very high. 'It was Mich's intention from the start to try it without any safety equipment but he needed to get to know the line and the conditions before committing to it. 'The decision to do it was in the balance until the very last moment. He was also waiting for a small crowd of tourists to wander off so he could completely focus.' Mr Buisse added: 'As an adventure photographer it's not my job to judge what level of risk the athletes I shoot are willing to take. The only exception is if they are pushing themselves because of the presence of the camera but I didn't feel it was the case with Mich. 'It was really important for me not to be in his way because I didn't want to disturb his focus. On his crossing without the safety rope I actually didn't move at all.'

Big foot! Teenager shows off his SIZE 21 feet and reveals they make him a hit with the ladies

Teenager Carl Griffiths may have the biggest feet in Britain, but he's taking it in his stride.

The 19-year-old, who stands at 6ft 8in, has feet that are a staggering 14.5in long - or a size 21. The UK average men's shoe size is a nine.

Unsurprisingly, he regularly has to put up with people accidentally standing on them and struggles to find shoes that fit so has to order them from overseas.

Mr Griffiths, from Trimsaram in south Wales said: 'My feet have always been huge - ever since I can remember.

'They grew so fast when I was at school my mum kept having to buy me new shoes every few months. Each year I would go through two or three pairs. I just wore them out really quickly.

'At primary school my feet were always two sizes bigger than anyone else’s.
'By the time I was 12 years old they were size 14. Then in the space of two years they had gone up to size 17.

'I play rugby and had a huge struggle finding rugby boots - I had to get them special ordered from America.'

Mr Griffiths stands at 6ft8in tall, just two inches shorter than beanpole England footballer Peter Crouch. But his feet are nine sizes bigger than striker Crouch's size 12s.

This means that the unemployed welder's footwear options are limited - and expensive.
He said: 'They don’t make size 21 shoes anywhere in the UK. They cost about £50 to have made but because the boxes they come in are quite big it costs another £50 to have them mailed back here.

'I’ve got one pair of Nike trainers and a pair of steel-toe cap boots for work. I had some rugby boots made as well but they are already too small.

'I have to wear my trainers for everything so they end up looking grubby really quickly. I wish I could have a tidy pair.'

As he can only wear his trainers on nights out, Mr Griffiths is often turned away from clubs because his footwear doesn’t meet the dress code.

He said: 'It’s happened a few times that some places won’t let me in because I’m not wearing shoes, but usually the boys will come to another club with me.'

And the teenager reveals that women regularly chat him up on the dance floor with the line, 'Is it true what they say about men with big feet?'

Mr Griffiths' father Wayne, 39, a size 13, said: 'I don't know where Carl got his big feet from - he definitely didn't get them from me.'

Street fighter demolishes car with his bare hands

Car demolition typically requires tons of heavy machinery.

But one wannabe street fighter has literally taken the matter into his own bare hands in this viral video.

The man, dressed in a karate gi, unleashes fury on the four-door sedan, ripping it apart piece by piece.

The scene appears to be inspired by video game Super Street Fighter IV, in which character Ryu crushes an SUV with his martial arts moves in a bonus round called Car Crush.

Standing in a junkyard, the real-life video opens with a weak one-two punch.
But the determined street fighter eventually manages to impress with his seemingly super human strength as he channels his rage into the self-styled demolition

Viewers might wince as they see him turn to the car, trying and failing to punch out a headlight.

After several jabs, he gives up and rips it from the body, along with the front bumper.

He then gets a running start, but his punch to the hood leaves hardly a dent after he lands on his belly. Finally, he peels the entire hood up from the windshield, bending it back until it nearly snaps in two.

An in-car camera shows glass shattering as he punches out the windows and bends the doors backwards.

Several drop kicks and belly flops later, the car is crushed like a soda can.

It all goes up in flames though when he finishes the job, breathing a wall of fire onto the wreckage.

Passengers see plane's landing without a wheels

As they gazed out of the plane window shortly after take-off, they were no doubt expecting to see little of note besides the scenic countryside below.

But passengers on the Flybe flight from Exeter to Newcastle were in fact faced with a terrifying sight – as one of the plane’s wheels dropped off in front of them.

After one of the travellers raised the alarm, the crew decided on a plan to land them safely back at the Devon airport.

They faced an agonising wait as the plane circled the runway for more than an hour to burn fuel, with some passengers sending goodbye messages to their family.

However, they needn’t have feared the worst, for the plane eventually touched down safely and all 39 passengers and four crew members escaped uninjured.

A report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch later revealed that the incident, on March 3, was caused by the wheel’s outer bearing seizing, allowing it to detach.

The wheel, one of two on the right side of the plane, dropped off as the Bombardier Q400’s landing gear retracted after take-off.

Several passengers witnessed the wheel fall, the AAIB said, with some later reporting that they had seen ‘little sparks’ coming from it and a ‘large piece of metal’ protruding from the undercarriage.

Martin Brown, 30, of North Tyneside, was on board the plane and alerted cabin crew after seeing the wheel fall off.

He said: ‘I looked out of the window and saw one of the wheels fall so I said to my colleague next to me “I don’t want to worry you, but I think I might have just seen the wheel come off” and we called the cabin crew over.

‘Then there was an announcement from the pilot to say there was a problem with the aircraft.

‘Luckily there was an aircraft technician onboard and he had a look and told the pilot what was wrong.’

A mayday alert was sent to air traffic controllers, as it was decided the plane should return to Exeter Airport and the co-pilot contacted the airline’s chief pilot by radio.

It was agreed that the crew should use a ‘left-wing-down’ technique to land the plane safely. This meant ensuring the left main wheels touched down first, with the remaining right wheel then being lowered as gently as possible.

After more than an hour circling to burn fuel, the captain took the plane down for landing and, though it veered to the left, he was able to hold the aircraft steady and the passengers were able to disembark through the front left door.

Christine Jackman, 28, of Newcastle, was returning home on the Flybe service from a four-day business trip.

The mother-of-one said: ‘It was horrendous. I sent a text to my partner and son telling them how much I loved them because I thought it might be the last thing I would do.

‘It was just sheer shock...When we landed, [the crew] were shouting “keep your heads down” and that was the worst part.

‘That’s when I started crying. It was horrific.’
The AAIB said that the captain had inspected the right main landing gear before the flight and had not noticed any abnormalities.

The report said: ‘Given the nature of the bearing failure, it is unlikely that any (abnormalities) would have been visible.’

HGV driver dead after lorry tumbles off road on to motorway closing both carriageways

An HGV driver has died this afternoon after his lorry plunged from a bridge on to a motorway in Cheshire.

Rescue teams said it was an 'absolute miracle' more people were not killed when the lorry, laden with household goods, left the busy A56 and tumbled on to the west-bound carriageway of the M56, at junction 11 near Preston Brook, in Runcorn near Warrington.

Cheshire Police said two passing motorists were treated for shock after witnessing the accident just before 3.30pm.

The tragedy comes just days after the M5 disaster where seven people died and 51 were injured on Friday night.

A spokeswoman for the North West Air Ambulance said: 'One male fatality has been confirmed - the lorry driver sadly died at the scene.

'The crew treated just two other people who suffered shock, which is an absolute miracle when you consider that the lorry fell directly on to the carriageway of the motorway.'

Cheshire Police said the motorway and the A56 were expected to remain closed in both directions for some time.

Traffic was being diverted away from the scene.

A spokeswoman said: 'There is one confirmed casualty who died at the scene.

'No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

'The M56 is now closed in both directions at the location and traffic is being diverted off the motorway at junction 11.

'Traffic is currently backed up to Lymm and Chester in either direction and motorists are advised not to take journeys that are not absolutely essential and to avoid the roads around Warrington.

'The motorway is expected to be closed for several hours whilst scene examination takes place and recovery of the HGV.

'The A56 above the motorway leading from Preston Brook to Warrington is also closed to traffic.'

A spokesman for Cheshire Fire Service said three crews from Warrington and Knutsford were at the scene making the lorry safe by extracting the battery and isolating the engine.

Two hose reels were placed on stand-by in case of a fire or explosion as the work was being carried out, he added.
Any witnesses to the accident are urged to contact Cheshire Police on 0845 458 0000.

Rare albino snake with two heads bred in Florida

Here’s a snake with a split personality.

The odds of a two-headed, or bicephalic, snake being born are 10,000 to one, but nevertheless, this albino Honduran milk snake was recently hatched in the U.S.

Staff at conservation group Sunshine Serpents in Florida were incubating seven milk snake eggs, but got a huge shock when nine heads emerged, because as well as the two-headed snake, one egg contained twins.
Owner Daniel Parker, a University of Central Florida biologist, said: ‘I did a double take. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.’

Often, the term albino refers to white colouring, but for snakes, it simply means a lack of dark pigmentation.

Biologist Parker says two-headed snakes have been documented to live as long as 20 years in captivity.
With two brains giving commands to a single body, he says the snake, which isn’t venomous, would have a difficult time surviving in the wild.

Milk snakes are said by some to suck milk from cows’ udders, but this is a myth. They do however favour living in barns, as they like cool dark environments, which may be the source of the misconception.
Their diet consists of insects, lizards, birds and small mammals.
Another two-headed creature that hit the headlines this year was an African Spurred Tortoise born in Slovakia.
It was given two names Madga (left head) and Lenka – and even had five feet (see picture below).

The confused grasshopper scratching its head

Raising a foreleg to its head as it sits atop a flower, this grasshopper appears somewhat confused about what to do next.
Looking like a human scratching its head, the humorous pose was captured by amateur photographer Matt Cole, 40, in Lount Nature Reserve, Leicestershire.
Matt, from Ashby de la Zouch, said: 'It's always great to photograph an animal or insect doing something slightly unusual.

'I was on the lookout for interesting insects when I spotted it and followed for a few minutes as it jumped from one perch to another.
'Eventually it settled on this Devil's-bit Scabious flower and allowed me to set up my tripod in front of it.
'As I was watching through my camera viewfinder it briefly lifted its front leg.
'It was starting to spit with rain so it could have been brushing a water drop off its head or eye.
'Either that or it is scratching its head in bemusement, wondering what on earth I'm doing there.'
He added: 'You can put a lot of effort into fieldcraft, technique and composition but sometimes you need a bit of luck to give an image that something extra.'

Meet The Real Spice Girl:Rochelle loves curry so much she's eaten it for the past 29,500 meals - including breakfast

Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? It's all good for Rochelle Peachey just as long as it is spicy.
The mother of one, 49, from Gants Hill, Essex, has just been crowned the country's curry queen - after eating the spicy food for her last 29,565 meals.
She is so addicted to curry she has to add hot spices to every meal - including breakfast.

Rochelle first developed the taste for eye-watering meals in her teens after eating her first ever curry in Brick Lane, London.
Since then she has been eating out at curry houses three times a week without fail

And she adds spice to virtually all her food - including salads and her eggs in the morning.
Rochelle is now so immune to the heat she can eat whole chillies - without having to take a sip of water.
Her talent even earned her a free meal from a curry-house owner who didn't believe she was capable of eating one.

She even carries a bottle of spicy sauce in her handbag to spice up her food when she's dining out.
Over the years she has spent thousands of pounds on curries and spicy ingredients.

And she has tasted thousands of dishes - but says her favourite will always be chilli chicken.

Her devotion has impressed curry brand Pataks so much they've named her Britain's biggest curry mad fan.

And, as part of National Curry Week, which runs from October 9 to 15, they've given her a year's supply of their pickles, pastes and sauces.

She said: 'I first had curry in my teenage years - I'd been taken to Brick Lane and I was hooked from then on.

'I must have done something to my taste buds because I can't eat a bland meal now - every dish I eat has to include a degree of heat.

'I add spice to most of my food now, including soups, salads, shepherd's pie and my eggs at breakfast.

'I go through a couple of bottles of spicy sauce a week - I sometimes put a bottle in my handbag if I'm going out so I can add it to food.'

She added: 'A lot of the curries I eat are far too spicy for most people, they can't believe I can eat them without even having a sip of water.

'One restaurant owner even challenged me to eat a whole chilli - he was so stunned when I did that I didn't have to pay for my meal.

'I eat three curries a week and if I've got left overs I'll eat it for breakfast the next day.'

Mrs Peachey runs transatlantic dating website 'I Love Your Accent' and divides her time between her homes in Essex and Orlando, America.

She says the Americans aren't as understanding of her taste in food as the Brits.

And she admits she's even had to pack hot sauces when she's travelled across the Atlantic in the past because she worried about not being able to find a curry house.

She added: 'Americans are not big on curry. A few years ago is wasn't really a big thing so I would sometimes have to bring curry sauces across in my luggage.

'Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant there, even the hot hot hot curry comes out mild enough to feed to a baby and it drives me crazy.

'I ask for extra chillies and spices every time. Waiters often look at me like I'm crazy, one even told me that the only people he knows who have their dishes that hot are Indian.'

Mrs Peachey admitted her bizarre taste in hot food has caused some arguments - particularly with her husband Phil, 46.

She said: 'It was difficult when my husband and I first got together, he couldn't understand my addiction to spicy food. It caused a lot of problems choosing restaurants.

'I eat curry or spicy food at every meal and I just couldn't cope when he wanted us to go to a French bistro or Italian pizzeria.

'There's just nothing on the menu at those type of places that really floats my boat.

'In the past it meant quite a few of my lovingly prepared spicy dinners were ending up in the bin, which caused rows because I hate wasted food.

'Sometimes, I didn't realise it, but he was sneaking off to pick up a takeaway burger and chips after secretly getting rid of whatever I'd cooked for him.

'I started sprinkling the tiniest bit of curry powder or pastes into his sandwiches because I wanted him to give it a chance.

'And it's really worked - he now likes hot food as much as I do and he's almost as in love with Indian food as me.

'His tolerance has definitely improved over the years.

'But he still can't quite handle it hot hot hot and shies away when I cook up super-spicy food - especially vindaloo.'

Old master holds his first painting exhibition - on his 100th birthday

For most people lucky enough to reach 100, the milestone birthday is a time to reflect on your long life while celebrating your twilight years.
But centenarian and artist James Mills was instead celebrating a life first when he reached three figures, after unveiling his debut public watercolour exhibition on his 100th birthday.
The undiscovered artist was persuaded by family to show off his talents for the first time, despite enjoying art for over 80 years.

Mr Mills, from Neath, South Wales, first started sketching when he was 19 after taking inspiration from his artistic heroes Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Raphael.
The sprightly centenarian, who turned 100 today, said: 'I love painting and it is nice when people admire my work.

'But until now I have painted for my own pleasure and have been happy for family and friends to enjoy my work.
'But I am thrilled to have my first solo exhibition - it is a lovely way to mark me reaching 100.'
Mr Mills spent nearly 40 years persisting with pencil drawing, before finally making the transition to acrylic, oils and watercolours aged 57.

It was around this time his skills caught the eye at amateur art societies, landing Mr Mills a number of prestigious painting competition victories.
Now the exhibition of the retired marine engineer's work in Neath is the first time his art has ever been displayed in a gallery.
Mr Mills added: 'This is a dream come true and something I have looked forward to for ages.
'The show features my life's work - the best pieces I have produced in the last 80 years.'
James' son Roger and his grand-daughter Nicola helped organise the show for the centenarian who they describe as 'very sprightly'.
But James said his only regret was that his wife Violet couldn't be there to see the exhibition after she passed away in 2002.
A family friend said: 'We hope that Violet will be watching over the show and know how proud we are of James.'

TV journalist reports on an assault and looks just like the police artist's sketch of the wanted man

Did you just do a double take?
A TV news report on an assault has sparked an internet sensation – because the journalist presenting it looks almost identical to the police artist’s sketch of the suspect.The CBS Baltimore broadcast by Mike Hellgren covers the breaking news that local police are hunting a man who punched a woman in a road rage attack.But now, despite the scary nature of the crime, Mr Hellgren has become part of the story, with several internet sites commenting on the uncanny resemblance.

Several remarks about the similarity in appearances also appeared on CBS Baltimore’s website, under a written version of the report.One reader says: ‘I KNOW WHO IT IS. It’s the reporter! Ma’am can you describe the man who did this to you yeah he looked like you. Case solved lol.’ Another writes: ‘This may sound awfully strange but does anyone else see something similiar about the sketch and the reporter? Just sayin’…’

Of course there is no suggestion the reporter is in anyway connected with the crime, which happened on the I-83 highway at around 10pm last Friday.The man the police are seeking allegedly attacked the woman after their cars were involved in an accident.CBS Baltimore reporter Mike Hellgren says that the attacker even offered the woman cash not to call police.But when she dialled 911, the attacker grabbed her phone and punched her before dragging her to the trees. Luckily she did manage to escape and flag down help from other motorists.Police said the man was driving a Jeep Wrangler with Pennsylvania plates and both Maryland and Pennsylvania state police are part of the manhunt to find him.

World's oldest female bodybuilder

She may be a grandmother, but don't call her old.
Ernestine Shepherd, 74, of Baltimore has been crowned by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest competitive female bodybuilder ever.

She told the Washington Post: 'Age is nothing but a number'.
Ms Shepherd has impeccably toned 'six-pack' abs that are the marvel of her Baltimore fitness centre.
Her husband of 54 years, Collin Shepherd, says he 'has trouble keeping guys away from her'.

The Shepherds live in Baltimore with their son, 53, and grandson, 14.
Ms Shepherd does some modelling and teaches fitness classes, and told the Washington Post, 'If you are going to try to motivate people, you have to live that part'.
She also trains rigorously with Yohnnie Shambourger, 57,a former Mr Universe who won the gold medal in bodybuilding at the Pan American Games in 1995.

Mr Shambourger told the Post: 'The six-pack is her signature. When she walks in a room and you see her six-pack, you say, "Ohh! Okay!"
'You are a champion', he told Ms Shepherd during a gruelling session. 'I will train you like what you are'.

Ms Shepherd wakes up at 3 a.m. every day to meditate, then hits the trails in a local park to run 10 miles before lunch.

She eats only plain brown rice, bland chicken breast and vegetables, washed down with a glass of raw egg whites, three times a day.

She told the Post she has no 'desire' for sweets.
Ms Shepherd has appeared on 'Today' and 'The Mo’Nique Show' and has been featured in 'Essence' magazine.

On 'The Mo’Nique Show' she told the audience they can get fit, too: 'Because we are determined, dedicated and disciplined to be fit. You can. You can do it'.
Over the past 18 years, Ms Shepherd has run nine marathons and won two bodybuilding contests.

But she wasn't always so fit. Ms Shepherd told the Washington Post she was a 'couh potato' until she was 56 years old, when she and her older sister, Mildred, discovered their bodies had started going soft.

The sisters, who grew up very close in Baltimore as the children of a carpenter and schoolteacher, started working out together at a local centre.
They liked the results, and started pushing themselves, eventually entering some bodybuilding contests.

After Mildred died suddenly of an aneurysm, Ms Shepherd was devastated. Her grief started spiralling out of control, until she remembered a promise and a 'pinkie swear' she had made her older sister.

The sisters had promised to push themselves to be competitive bodybuilders, and Ms Shepherd decided to keep up that legacy.

So she trains, and eats a restrictive diet, and it helps her remember Mildred.

Their younger sister Bernice, a school principal, told her: 'Every time you feel like you can’t make it, lace up your tennis shoes and get out and go walking'.

According to the Washington Post, when people tell Ms Shepherd she is destined to die soon herself, she says 'We are all going to die.

'But it’s the quality of life while I’m living'.

And when Ms Shepherd's cell phone rings, its the theme from the movie 'Rocky'.

She says Sylvester Stallone is her idol.

Not exactly your typical grandmother.

World's longest cigar rolls into the record books

This is the world's longest cigar - made by an expert who was clearly on a roll.

The amazing Havana - made in Cuba of course - checks in at a stunning 268.4ft (81.8metres)

And when word came through from the people at Guinness, Jose Castelar was celebrating his fifth world record.

'Cuba is the country where the best tobacco is grown, and as long as Cueto is around, Cuba will have the world's longest cigar,' he said referring to himself by his nickname.

Castelar, 67, had been working on the supersmoke since April 25, toiling away about eight hours a day.

And he's not stopping there. His next goal -is to smash this record with an effort that tops 100m.

He deserves a reward - maybe a nice fat cigar. Perhaps he can make his own

'Mr Elastic' goes for Guinness world record with his incredible bendy feet

Moses Lanham plans on stepping into the record books in a rather unusual fashion.

'Known as backwards feet man' and 'Mr elastic', the Michigan based 49-year-old can rotate his feet 120 degrees behind him, a feat he hopes will earn him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

As that's not all; he also plans on setting a record for the fastest man to walk 20 metres with his feet turned backwards.

Despite the daunting task ahead, Mr Lanham can however remain quietly confident - both records have never been attempted before.

Speaking to AOL News, Mr Lanham said: 'I know I can put my toes together in back, but for the record, I'll do a full 120 degrees.'

Despite the visually excruciating appearance, Mr Lanham says his flexible feet cause him no pain, in fact he quite enjoys the back-to-front feeling.

'A lot of times when I'm sitting down I'll put my feet in a twisted position because it's more comfortable for me,' he said.

Mr Lanham discovered his strange quirk at 14 after a high school gym class accident.

Climbing a rope, he lost his grip and fell nearly 18 feet before landing with his feet in an extremely awkward position.

'They thought something was dislocated,' Mr Lanham said. 'But I stood up and was fine.'

Mr Lanham has made the most of his talent ever since.

In high school he was prone to walking backwards and at college he would wear his clothes backwards to match the direction of his feet.

Sadly, Mr Lanham's 17-year-old son Trey has only partially inherited his father's funny feet.

Trey can not turn them the full way round like his father, and also feels pain after staying in the position for a short time.

'It's a shame because I was hoping I could retire and be his manager,' Mr Lanham added.

Doctors who have examined Mr Lanham say he was born with extra tissue and cartilage in his joints, making his hips, knees and ankles especially elastic.

There are no records of anyone else in the family, apart from Trey, having the condition.

His perculiar talent has also gained him national notoriety after he appeared on 'Candid Camera', 'Ripley's Believe It or Not!', 'America's Funniest Home Videos', 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and the Discovery Channel's 'Medical Incredible'.