Sinking Feeling Boat Made of Paper

Posted on 2:19 AM by Sameer Shah

German artist Frank Bolter risks a very soggy behind as he sails down the Thames in a paper boat.

The origami vessel was folded on the banks of Canary Wharf in east London before being lowered into the water with the help of passing members of the public.

From there Mr Bolt sailed along the iconic river towards central London

The boat artwork, entitled To The World's End, is part of the Drift10 biennial art exhibition.

A stretch of the Thames in central London and at Canary Wharf is being transformed by a series of contemporary art works placed directly in the water and along its banks.

Curator Caroline Jones said the exhibition would help to bring art 'directly into the lives of people enjoying the river'.

'The art works are all in the public domain so people will come across them naturally,' she added.

The exhibition runs until January.

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