World's youngest yoga teacher

At just six, Shruti Pandey is the youngest yoga trainer in the world.

The bendy youngster has been teaching adults at an ashram, in northern India, for the last two years.

Her trainer, Hari Chetan, 67, set up the ashram 35 years ago and as soon as little Shruti became one of his students, as a tiny four-year old, he spotted her talents.

Now she starts her classes at 5.30am every morning, at Brahmanand Saraswati Dham, in the Jhunsi town, dressed in white leggings and a red t-shirt surrounded by 30 eager pupils ranging from businessmen, teachers, housewives to pensioners.

Shruti said: 'It feels good when people follow my instructions, I feel like a real teacher.
'I got interested in yoga after seeing my brother do it. I tried picking it up myself but it was too hard. So I asked my parents to send me to yoga classes.'

Her brother, Harsh Kumar, now 11-years-old, made the Limca Book of Records at the tender age of five by learning all 84 yoga positions - but he's never been interested in being a teacher like his sister.

Hari, who Shruti also calls her grandfather, think she's a miracle.

'She's a fast learner and a perfectionist. She grasps techniques quickly unlike kids her own age, who get bored with something as patience consuming as yoga.

'Within just six months of her training, she surprised everyone by doing the toughest positions with ease and perfection. She's a natural.'

Shruti can manage some of yoga's most challenging positions. She can easily hold her entire body on the strength of her little arms and hang her legs right over her head backwards.

One of Shruti's fans, 90-year-old Swami Bhanu, a retired teacher, said: 'The best thing about Shruti is she tries to provide an alternative position for the complicated ones that are difficult for an older person like me to do. She's very patient.'

Businessman Lokendra Pal Singh, 48, has been attending Shruti's classes for three months and said, 'I have noticed a positive change in my life. I used to be short-tempered, but now I'm able to control my anger to quite an extent and it's all thanks to a little six-year old.'

80 Years Old Hairdryer Made in Britain

It was built in the days when ‘Made In Britain’ still meant something. And having breezed through countless hairstyles since it was purchased in the Thirties, this blow-dryer is a tangible reminder of when things were built to last.

It remains in perfect working order and, according to its owner, retired insurance company director John Wilcox, it has never broken down or even needed a service.

The machine has no serial or model number but carries a metal plate stamped ‘Siemens Electric Lamps and Supplies Ltd. MADE IN ENGLAND Siemens 230-250V 2.2 AMP AC or DC.’

Though Siemens is a German firm, according to the engineering history website Grace’s Guide, it established Siemens Electric Lamps and Supplies Ltd in Britain in 1931 to manufacture domestic appliances such as this dryer.

The brown Bakelite item’s only concession to technological advances has been a new plug – and only then because its original round-pin type became obsolete.

Mr Wilcox, 83, from Paignton, Devon, recalls watching his mother Florrie use it at the family home in Birmingham, 70 years ago. Portraits of Florrie, spanning five decades, show her sporting a variety of hairstyles.

They progress from an unfettered look in her teens to a more structured cut.

Florrie died in 1988 and with no purchase receipt Mr Wilcox has never been able to establish precisely when it was bought.

But his wife Kay, 73, who is a hairstylist, says the portraits indicate when the machine arrived in the household.

‘Having an electric hairdryer in the Thirties was still a luxury for women,’ said Mrs Wilcox.

‘Having got hold of it you can be pretty sure she used it regularly. You can see in her later portraits how a dryer has been used to style and hold her hair in place.’

Weighing a hefty 2lb the dryer’s only controls are on/off and hot/cold. It came with a Bakelite carry-case – now slightly cracked – complete with a vanity mirror.

A spokesman for Guinness World Records said: ‘There is no category for the oldest working electric hairdryer. However, we would be very interested in establishing one if it could be proved when this machine was produced.’

Penguins With double jointed necks

There are times when we would all like to hide our heads in shame.

But our impossible dream is a daily reality for these two King Penguins on the South Atlantic island of South Georgia.

Thanks to their double-jointed necks, the 'headless' pair merrily go about their business.

When a penguin fancies a scratch or two, he simply bends his head completely over and attacks the area that is bothering him with his beak.

Such a manoeuvre guarantees there is no such thing as a 'hard-to-reach spot'... and makes for an amusing natural image.

The King Penguin is the second largest species of penguin, second only to the Emperor Penguin.

Mainly found in the South Atlantic and the northernmost waters of the northern Antarctic, there are believed to be around 2.23million King Penguins and their numbers are increasing.

Miraculous escape for pilot after he crash lands on a MAIN ROAD and walks away without a scratch

A lucky pilot escaped with 'not a mark on him' after making an emergency landing on a main road during early rush hour.

Emergency workers raced to the scene after the light aircraft came down on the A429 in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, at 3.30pm yesterday.

But they were astonished to find that the pilot, a man in his 40s, had walked away uninjured.

Martyn Scott, senior paramedic from the West Midlands Ambulance Service, said:'The pilot got up and walked away. There was not a mark on him. He was totally uninjured.'

The pilot was the only person on board the Piper Cherokee when it crashed.

The road near Walton Hall was closed for several hours and all traffic diverted.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has been informed.

China is the most powerful economy in the world'Most Americans believe'

The majority of Americans think the United States is No.2 in the world behind China and is likely to stay that way, a poll has revealed.

Just one in five Americans said they have the strongest economy, compared to nearly half who chose Beijing’s.

Asked which nation will have the be in the strongest economic position in 20 years, 34% picked the United States, compared with 37% who chose China and 6% who named Japan.

The gloomy findings come as the U.S. struggles with a record debt and a weakened president who is still recovering from the ‘shellacking’ he received during the mid-term elections.

On the diplomatic stage Barack Obama has come off second best in the ‘currency wars’, with the Chinese openly condemning him for pumping trillions into the U.S. economy and lowering the value of the dollar.

Beijing has also amassed an enormous surplus in its international accounts while accumulating huge amounts of U.S. government debt, putting it in a position to call the shots on world affairs.

The poll by U.S. magazine The National Journal of 1,200 people found the traditional American optimism clouded by uncertainty and anxiety over the future.

Some two thirds of those surveyed said they do not expect the U.S. to return to the position it enjoyed last century any time soon.

A huge 58% said they agreed it is ‘inevitable that Americans’ incomes will grow more slowly’ in coming years because of competition from lower-paid workers around the world.

In addition, only one in four believe their children will have better opportunities than themselves.

A major part of the uneasiness was the shift away from manufacturing to a service industry.

When asked if the nation should allow that trend to continue without taking steps to reverse it, just one-third said yes; three-fifths said they wanted action.

The National Journal said that housewife Dana Rigby, from Kirksville, Montana, was typical of those who responded to the survey.

‘I’m trying to get my kids on the right path; who doesn’t want that?

But I don’t know if there’s going to be enough out there for all the young kids to have good jobs,’ she said.

World's oldest Christmas tree

Families all over the country follow the same annual tradition of getting the artificial Christmas tree out of its box when the time comes to put up the decorations.

But the Parker family has been doing it longer than any other because they are still using a tree they first bought in 1886.

Complete with the original baubles and tinsel, their 14 inch tree is in its 124th year and has been authenticated as the world's oldest imitation Christmas tree.

It cost six pence when it was bought in the mid-Victorian era but was last valued at £1,000 by experts at the Antiques Road Show in 2005.

Owner Paul Parker received the delicate ornament after his mother, Janet, passed away at the age of 69 in 2008, and is the third generation of his family to enjoy it.

Displaying the tree for the first time since his mother's death, Mr Parker is delighted to be carrying on the family tradition.

'I will proudly be displaying the tree this year,' said Mr Parker, 45, a mathematician from Bath.

'My mother treasured it when she was alive and my father Grahame is comforted that I will be carrying on the family tradition.

'It may not look like much but it has been part of our Christmas celebrations for so many years.

'It was one of those things the we just grew up with.

'But everything changed when mum saw an advert in the local paper asking for the oldest decorations.

'She thought that our old Christmas tree could be important - and she was right.'

The ornamental tree was first bought by Mr Parker's great-great aunt Lou in 1886.

Aunt Lou passed the tree to her favourite grandniece, Janet, when she just a child in the 1940's.

It was taken out of its original box by Janet every year since then and son Paul has vowed to continue the tradition.

The tree is made of green raffia, stands 14 inches tall and has a base featuring the traditional Christmas icons of cherubs, the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

The tree was first authenticated by Christie's auction house in London and then the Guinness Book of Records confirmed that the distinguished-looking ornament was indeed the oldest known artificial Christmas tree in the world.

'It was never meant as a replacement tree, it's ornamental,' said Mr Parker, who was given the tree by his 88-year-old father.

'Christmas really took off for the Victorians because of the influence of Prince Albert and the German tradition of the Tannenbaum Christmas tree.

'This little tree would have been produced for the same reason ornaments of nativity scenes were made, as a Christmas symbol for the family.'

The tree cost only six pence when it was bought in the mid-Victorian era.

By the time it was seen by experts at the Antiques Road Show in 2005 it was valued at £1,000.

'But putting a price to this kind of object is ridiculous,' said Mr Parker.

'As the oldest Christmas tree in history it has no peers.

'There really is nothing to compare to it.

'If two Christmas obsessives were bidding against each other they might very well carry on till next Christmas.'

On Christmas day 2010 the aged tree will be on display on the mantle piece of Mr Parker home as he shares a turkey dinner and glass of wine with his father.

Metal Wire Growing from Skin

Noorsyaidah, an Indonesian woman, claims metal wire has grown from her body for 18 years

This is currently big news in Indonesia. Metal wires about 10-20 cm long grow from a woman’s body! Skeptics initially thought that is must be “self-inflicted”. Doctors however, have other theories but have given up on providing any scientific or medical explanations.

The woman had this problem for 17 years and currently being investigated by the Ministry of Health. Initial consultation with More..doctors and specialists found that the wires are also inside her body. At this stage, there were no current medical explanations or any case ever exist. Hence, there is but only one other possible consideration… Occult magic.

Her name is NOORSYAIDAH. A 40 years old kindergarten teacher from Sangatta, East Kutai. Her first symptoms started manifestating in 1991. The metal wires grew out of her chest and her belly. There was no explanation then (or even now). During the first week wires kept falling off from her body and were gone. A month later, the wires grew back again and from that time onward the wires did not fall. They kept growing!

One of her sisters said that she tried to help by trimming the wires. Alas, whenever she trimmed the wires, the wire retreated as if it were hiding and then popped up in another part of Noorsyaidah’s body.

There have been 4 Medical Specialists taking this matter seriously and have treated her in several ways. And as the result, doctors can’t figure out what exactly is happening to her. The doctors have taken an X-Ray image from her stomach and found that there are more than 40 metal wires inside her and some of them are bursting out of her skin. They looks like a living phenomenon. The wires are able mobile and therefore can change location at will, Thus the doctors are forced to use a magnet to scan the exact position of the wires. The wires bursted out without any symptoms of Tetanus, but she said that they’re hurting her like when needles sting.

Can YOU spot the invisible man artist

He's known as the invisible man for good reason.

Whether lurking next to a telephone box or standing to attention in front of the iconic Beijing Olympic Stadium, Liu Bolin has made an art form out of blending in.

The Chinese artist is creating more than just startling images with his works.

He claims they make a statement about his place in society. He sees himself as an outsider whose artistic efforts are not always valued, especially in his native country.

Standing silently in front of his chosen scene, in locations all around the world, the 38-year-old uses himself as a blank canvas.

Then, with a little help from an assistant, he paints his body to merge as seamlessly as possible with what is behind him.

It means people walking by while he is carrying out his performances often have no idea he is nearby until he begins to move.

World's Smallest Woman

A woman who weighs little more than a new-born baby spoke of her joy today after being certified as the world's smallest woman.

Hatice Kocaman, just 28in tall, said she overcame bullying to become globally famous for her size.

Speaking at her home in Kadirli, Turkey, sahe said: 'I always hoped that one day the world would recognise me.

It was hard when I was a child because all my classmates used to tease me for being small.

'But now I am famous because of my size. So it makes me feel like I am much taller.'

'I hope to travel and to meet lots of people including the tallest man in the world.

'God made me the way I am and I am proud of that. I hope I can find someone who will love me one day.'

The 21-year-old, who suffers from dwarfism, lives with her parents Ibrahim and Hatun and was also recently certified as the second-smallest adult human alive by the Guiness Book of Records.

The only adult she is taller than is Nepalese man Khagendra Thapa Magar who at 25.8 inches is the world's smallest person.

'There were no problems in my pregnancy with her and I gave birth naturally,' said her mother Hatun.

She weighed 3lbs 10oz when she was born and was a normal baby. We never noticed any problems until she was one.

'Then we noticed she seemed to be growing more slowly than other babies.'

Ibrahim and Hatun, who also have a normal-sized son, took her for tests but doctors could not tell them what was wrong with Hatice.

Hatice continued to develop into a little girl and learned to walk and talk, but she hardly grew at all.

'She seemed to always stay the same size,' said Hatun.

'By the time she was four it looked like she had stopped growing.

'We asked the doctors to help, but they couldn't tell us what the problem was.

'We hoped she might start growing later on, but she never did.

'By the time she was ten, we realised she would always be this way.'

The parents said Hatice went for general medical checks every few years, where she was weighed and measured.

Finally they were told her condition may be due to a bone disorder caused by faulty genes carried by both parents.

The family live in a tiny home in a poor and remote area of the country.

They do not have a car and could not afford to travel to seek help for their daughter.
Hatice suffers from hip dysplasia and has a back problem, but has never received treatment for this.

Surgeons in the region are not skilled enough to operate on Hatice because of her size.

Hatice, who weighs just 15lbs, went to a special school but has never been able to find work.

Now she stays at home with her parents and likes to help her mum doing small jobs.

Hatice has always dreamed of becoming famous and news about her tiny size began to spread as she got older.

Finally an investigator for the Guinness Book of Records visited the area to see the family.

Hatice and her mum were invited to Istanbul where she was finally named the world's smallest woman.

Hatice says: 'I can carry little things and clean a little.

'I am happy living with my family. But I would like to be stronger, so I can do more things for myself.'

World's highest flying paper plane

NASA, eat your heart out. Who needs a multi-billion-dollar spacecraft to study the Earth when you can use a paper plane?

Pictured here is the incredible British mission to send the plane 17 miles into the atmosphere to capture images of the curvature of the globe using a miniature camera.

The plane, which has a 3ft wing span and is made from paper straws covered in paper, was launched using nothing more powerful than a large helium balloon.

The craft soared to 90,000ft before the balloon exploded, freeing the plane to glide back down, taking photographs as it descended.

And the cost of Operation PARIS (Paper Aircraft Released Into Space)? A modest £8,000.

It was all the work of space enthusiasts Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines, who said they came up with the idea after being inspired by a project last year to send a lump of cheese into space.

The team launched the balloon from a remote spot around 50 miles west of Madrid after gaining permission from the Spanish authorities.

It took an hour-and-a-half to climb to 90,000ft before the expanding helium burst the balloon.

The team tracked the plane using a GPS navigation system as it took another 90 minutes to glide back to Earth and landed in woodland 100 miles from the release point. But for a hole in a wing, their creation was undamaged.

IT consultant Mr Daniels, 42, of Paignton, Devon, said the team had embarked on the project ‘for a laugh’. Although they spent around £8,000 to make it a success, he said he would happily do it all again

The married father of two added: ‘Somebody launched a bit of cheese out of a balloon, which we thought was a bit stupid. We thought we could do something more technical than that.

‘We decided to launch a paper plane because nobody has done that before. It seems really silly but it was brilliant fun.’

The three enthusiasts got together after discussing the project on IT website The Register and were sponsored by Peer One Networking.

Mr Oates, 39, from London, said: ‘We wanted a daft project but we were amazed by how successful it was. We are absolutely delighted. I never thought we would find the plane at all. It could have ended up anywhere and I thought it would be smashed to pieces.’ In July last year a group of West Country cheesemakers launched a block of cheddar into the upper atmosphere to mark the 40th anniversary of the moon landings.

The cheese was also fixed with a camera, and was found intact after landing in Buckinghamshire, 74 miles from the Wiltshire field it was launched from. Unfortunately, the camera had failed after take-off.

Sinking Feeling Boat Made of Paper

German artist Frank Bolter risks a very soggy behind as he sails down the Thames in a paper boat.

The origami vessel was folded on the banks of Canary Wharf in east London before being lowered into the water with the help of passing members of the public.

From there Mr Bolt sailed along the iconic river towards central London

The boat artwork, entitled To The World's End, is part of the Drift10 biennial art exhibition.

A stretch of the Thames in central London and at Canary Wharf is being transformed by a series of contemporary art works placed directly in the water and along its banks.

Curator Caroline Jones said the exhibition would help to bring art 'directly into the lives of people enjoying the river'.

'The art works are all in the public domain so people will come across them naturally,' she added.

The exhibition runs until January.

The Curious fox who was rescued after getting his head stuck in a watering can

Foxes are naturally bold and inquisitive animals - so it should come as no surprise if, on occasion, their curiosity gets the better of them.

This adult male, however, poked his nose in a little too far... and had to suffer the indignity of an emergency rescue operation after getting his head stuck in a watering can for two days and nights.

The trapped animal - which may have become trapped as it tried to hunt a frog or a mouse inside the can - was spotted in an agitated state running around in the back garden of a bungalow in Solihull, near Birmingham.

The RSPCA was called, and found the was animal so firmly stuck that it took two officers to prise off the watering can, shifting the plastic container just a few millimetres at a time.

The adult male fox was not allowed to run free right away, however. The inspectors held it with a grasper to ensure he was not injured and did not require veterinary attention.

He was found to be fit and healthy - despite having been deprived of food and water for at least two days - and so was allowed back into the wild.

RSPCA Inspector Jonathan Ratcliffe said: 'The fox was thrashing about in quite a distressed state when we got there.

'I have no doubt that he would have died if we had not managed to get the watering can off, either from dehydration or from not seeing where he was going and so being killed by a car. My feeling is that there must have been a mouse or a frog or something at the bottom of the can - some sort of tasty snack which would have attracted him to put his head in.

'The watering can was covered in moss and mould and looked as if it was litter. This only goes to remind people of the dangers such discarded items can pose to wildlife.'

The Worst Air-Show in Mid-Air Collision

A pilot has been killed in a mid-air collision at a German air show showcasing retro planes.

Two planes collided during the show yesterday afternoon at an airfield in the province of Bavaria.

One of the pilots was able to perform an emergency landing and escaped to safety, but the other died after his plane crashed and caught fire, Die Welt reported.

The accident comes just two weeks after a female spectator was killed when a pilot lost control of a biplane during an air show close to the German city of Nuremberg.

The aircraft involved in the incident had swerved off the runway during takeoff and ploughed into a crowd of spectators, injuring 38.

Ice Cream Van for Dog

A new ice cream van with tasty treats specifically for canines will have man's best friend howling with delight.

Instead of offering the traditional vanilla whip cones topped with a flake, these frozen feasts contain gammon and chicken ice cream - complete with a crunchy canine biscuit bone.

A team of scientists investigated the perfect combination of temperature, texture and taste, ensuring the treats would be delicious to dogs and completely safe

They came up with two flavours - 'dog eat hog world' - a gammon and chicken sorbet topped with a biscuit and served in a cone - and 'canine cookie crunch' - a combination of mixed dog biscuits and ice cream.

The K99 van can be found in parks this summer and, rather than the traditional chimes, the van will be playing the theme tune to Scooby Doo.

It makes its debut appearance at The Boomerang Pets Party in Regents Park, London, on Saturday.

Spokesperson for The Boomerang Pets Party Sally Bezant said: 'Every year Brits consume an average of around 50 ice creams per person, with the majority of these eaten in the summer months.

'All the while, man's best friend has to make do with a bowl of water to cool down. And, with 10.5 million dogs in the UK, that's a lot of pets missing out.'

With this is mind, The Boomerang Pets Party decided to take action and bring an ice cream to the dogs of Britain.'

Head chef behind the K99's recipes Ceric Nale said: 'When it came to designing the recipes for the K99s, we wanted to make sure we had the most exciting flavour and texture combinations.

'After a lot of research, a gammon and chicken ice cream and a mixed dog biscuit ice cream were the clear winners, and we hope they'll be flavours dogs simply can't refuse.'
Early results show that dogs have a big appetite for the novelty treats.
The ice creams are available for a 99p donation to Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs.

World Youngest Sailor

A teenage girl who has become the youngest person to sail unassisted around the world was given a hero's welcome when she arrived in Sydney today.
Jessica Watson, 16, was met by tens of thousands of people including the Australian Prime Minister waving flags and calling her name as she pulled into the harbour.
The plucky teenager spent seven months at sea and travelled 23,000 nautical miles to achieve a childhood dream.

She had to battle enormous waves at times and fight boredom during calm weather as well as shrug off the words of critics who said she would never do it,

There were dire warnings that her quest was doomed to failure when she collided with a cargo ship off the Queensland coast while preparing for her incredible journey.

Experienced sailors said she'd be lucky to even get away from Australian waters.

But today, as her 34ft yacht Pink Lady was escorted into the harbour by a flotilla of dozens of spectator craft, her critics were silenced.

Her achievement at becoming the youngest person to sail around the world unassisted has set her up for hundreds of thousands of pounds in sponsorships, a documentary and a book - and won the hearts of most Australians including PM Kevin Rudd.

He was at the Opera House, along with other politicians, Jessica's parents Julie and Roger who had travelled to Sydney from their Queensland home, and captains of industry as the tiny yacht battled through one last hurdle - heavy seas and a torn mainsail as she came through the mouth of the outer harbour, delaying her expected arrival by two hours.

Despite the incredible welcome she received, Jessica insisted that her achievement was not about setting a record but following a dream.

'I'm still just Jess,' she said by satellite phone as she neared her destination.

'She was always going to be ‘our Jess’, despite this achievement' said her mother as, with the Opera House in sight at the end of her voyage, the teenager, overwhelmed by the enormous welcome, commented: 'I think there's going to be a great party.'

Her voyage will not be registered as a record in any case in order to discourage ambitious parents pushing younger children off to sea.

What she wanted to do was prove to other young people that they did not have to be anyone special to achieve something big.
You just have to want it,' she said. Her parents were the first to greet her as she stepped onto a pink carpet on the Opera House forecourt.

The tears flowed as she told them how happy she was to see them again. They laughed as she struggled to stand up after so many weeks at sea.

'You're back and you did it,' said her mother. Jessica brushed back a tear as she turned to look at the yacht that had served her so faithfully during her epic voyage that had begun and ended in Sydney.

The Prime Minister gave Jessica a hug in front of the enormous crowd at the Opera House, then described her as 'Australia's newest hero.'

Welcoming her back to dry land, he said she might feel a little wobbly on her feet but in the eyes of all Australians she now stood tall.

You are a hero for all Australians, for all Australian women,' he said. 'You do our nation have lived your dream.'

Mr Rudd added: 'This is a great day for our country. You do all of our hearts proud.'

As a special prize, he raised laughter when he presented Jessica with a kit for a free driving lesson, as she looks forward to learning how to drive a car.

Once she has recovered her landlubber legs, Jessica plans to celebrate with English teenager Mike Perham and Australian Jesse Martin, two young sailors who hold solo circumnavigation records.

Among the crowds was 89-year-old Patrick Lee who, dressed in Australian flags, sailing badges and a Neptune pitchfork, said: 'I'm an old bloke who's turned up to say thanks for what Jessica did.

It's an amazing achievement and an inspiration to both young and old.'

In her blog as she neared the Australian coast, Jessica wrote jokingly that she was going to miss getting up and going sailing every day.

'I'm going to miss the kick I get from overcoming challenges by myself, flying along in the dark.

'A new sunset every night and the time I always take to watch it. I'm going to miss watching the waves and sea.

'I know it's been nearly seven months and I'm still not bored by it.'

Meet the 11ft Herring

It certainly wouldn't fit on a piece of toast and would fill a thousand jars if marinated, but this is a giant 'herring' that washed up off the Swedish coast.

The monster measures more than 11ft and was at first thought to be an enormous piece of plastic floating in the sea.

The Regalecus glesne, known as the King of Herrings or Giant Oarfish, was found dead in the small fishing village of Bovallstrand on Sweden's west coast, about 140 miles from the Norwegian border.
It is the first such fish found in the Scandinavian country in more than 130 years, marine experts said.

Kurt Ove Eriksson, the passer-by who found the fish, said: 'Down at the water, there was something big floating. At first we thought it was a big piece of plastic. But then we saw an eye. I went down to check and saw that it was this extremely strange fish.'
The rarely seen regalecus, the world's longest bony fish, can reach up to 40ft-long.

Now if that was split from tail to head, gutted, salted and cold smoked that would be one huge kipper.

'The last time we saw a King of Herrings in Sweden was in 1879,' said a spokesman at the House of the Sea museum in Lysekil, where the fish is being stored.

'We don't know much about the species but believe it lives in deep waters, at least 3,000ft deep, and many believe it's at the origin of the sea serpent myth or stories of mythological sea creatures like the Loch Ness Monster.'

The dead fish, which was frozen at the museum, had a deep cut through its body and was missing its beautiful, typical back fin, the museum said, adding the fish might be added to an exhibit on sea monsters planned later this year.

World's smallest house

At just over seven feet wide and 47 feet long, this tiny building is one of the smallest functioning homes in the world.

The 312-square foot 'Little House' of Toronto, Canada, has developed a cult following and even has its own website.

Back on the property market for £110,000, the comfortable home surprisingly comes with three rooms, including a normal sized bathtub.

With a front drive that parks two family sized cars - even though the house itself is barely big enough to swing a cat round - it still comes with all amenities.

Sitting on Day Ave in Toronto's Little Italy, the home has been viewed almost 40 times since it went on the market.

It is described in the estate agents guide as a 'unique home in good condition overall and has been well maintained'.

As well as its ample 2.36m-high ceilings, the Little House also has a decent sized basement for storage space.

'The interior of the house seems much more expansive than the small exterior,' said real estate agent Antonio Nardi.

'It has a full bathroom, a kitchen and a decent sized bedroom with a fold up bed that gives more room when up.

'This is a great and historic purchase.'

Built in 1912, the Little Home has become a celebrity in its own right over the past 98 years.

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres has even expressed an interest in one day owning the Little House