Police enlisted to guard 20ft snowman from teenage thugs

Posted on 12:02 PM by Sameer Shah

Police have been enlisted to protect a 20ft snowman to stob yobs from destroying it.

Residents in Clough Fold, Lancs., decided to put heavy snowfall in their town to good use by creating a giant sculpture and using it to raise money for an air ambulance service.

An original 12ft snowman was destroyed by drunken teenage thugs, but locals refused to be deterred and built an even bigger snowman in response.

But this time they were taking no chances, enlisting the local police force to keep an eye on the bohemith, which is dressed in a top hat and scarf with flashing red eyes.

Retained fire-fighter Jan Czugalinski said the snowman had become a popular attraction, with people stopping to have their photograph taken next to it and donating to a collection bucket.

She said a milkman who saw yobs destroying the original creation threatened to call police but one cocky teenager responded with: 'What will we get done for? GBH on a snowman?'

'We decided to rebuild it even bigger and guarded it over night,' Ms Czugalinski said.

PC Trevor Syrett said: 'We are keeping a watch on it. It is for a good cause.'

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