Jesus on an iron

Posted on 8:35 AM by Sameer Shah

The Lord, it appears, is not only always with us - He can also help make sure we've got a nicely ironed shirt at the same time.

Or so reckons Mary Jo Coady, who spotted this likeness of Jesus Christ on the burnt bottom of her old iron.

Mrs Coady, 44, from Massachusetts, immediately told her two daughters. 'They were like, "Mom, that's Jesus looking at us",' she said.

The medical secretary said her faith had been renewed by the find, which reassured her that 'life is going to be good'.

And, unlike many people who try to cash in by selling 'images' of Christ they have spotted on anything from a potato crisp to a dirty window, Mrs Coady intends to keep her old iron - and buy a new one for everyday use.

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