Oink, oink, oops! Ginger the greedy pig swallows diamond from £1,500 wedding ring

Posted on 7:33 AM by Sameer Shah

Ginger the pig's name has been dragged through the mud - after he swallowed a diamond from a £1,500 wedding ring. The Kune Kune pig, clamped his jaws around the jewel after Anne Moon put her hand into his pen. When Mrs Moon pulled away, the diamond had gone.

Farmer Paul Caygill, who owns North Yorkshire visitor attraction Easingwold Maize Maze, has now been given the task of sifting through the pig's dung to find the gem. Mrs Moon said she had never been near a pig before so she put her hand out to let Ginger have a sniff. 'It just clamped its teeth onto the ring and wouldn't let go,' she said. 'When I did pull my hand free, the ring was covered in dirt. 'I gave it a wipe and the diamond was gone I couldn't believe it.' The pen was searched in case the pig had spat out the diamond, but nothing was found. Mrs Moon said: 'If the pig wasn't so dirty I think we would have put him in the back of the car and taken him home. 'Quite a crowd gathered around after it happened. One woman said she would be a witness if the insurance company thought I was telling porkies.' She said she hold much hope of getting the diamond back. 'Its not so much a needle in a haystack as a diamond in pig poo.' Mrs Moon, from Thirsk, North Yorkshire, was visiting the farm with her husband Les, 63, and grandchildren Josh, four, and Emilia, aged 20 months. The ring was bought for her as a present about 30 years ago by Mr Moon. 'It had a lot of sentimental value,' Mrs Moon said. Since the incident on Saturday, Mr Caygill has carried out several tentative searches of the pig's poo but has so far drawn a blank. 'The woman came up to me and said "you wont believe this, but one of your pigs has swallowed a diamond from my ring",' the farmer said. 'She showed me the ring and it had diamonds round the edge, but the big one in the middle was missing she was a bit upset.' Mr Caygill said the pigs do not bite and he was surprised Ginger had grabbed the ring.

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