The horse who tried to jump over a car - but didn't quite make it

Posted on 1:07 PM by Sameer Shah

We've all had those moments where we've made a split-second crisis decision - and immediately realised that we made the wrong choice. This horse is no different. Galloping down a highway in Israel's northern Gallilee region with two companions, the horse was suddenly confronted with an oncoming car.

There was no time for thought - not that horses are known for being deep thinkers anyway - and the animal reacted instinctively. Perhaps it was a jumper in a former life. But if so, it was out of practice. While the two other horses swerved around the car, the largest one took a leap over it. Instead of clearing the vehicle, however, video footage from a tourist caught the horse landing straight on the windowscreen - one hoof smashing through the glass.

It also appeared to put a hole in the roof of the car as it scrambled desperately over the top of it. Astonishingly, both the horse and the occupants of the car escaped with only minor injuries. Hopefully the animal will refrain from running straight at oncoming traffic from now on

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