Can you play any Garbage? Busker in the bin surprises Cambridge shoppers with a 'rubbish' medley

Posted on 4:43 PM by Sameer Shah

Pardon the pun, but you could be forgiven for thinking this busker is rubbish. Jammed into a tiny council bin, the street artist has been entertaining shoppers in Cambridge with a medley of songs, with his trusty guitar left poking out of the side. Shoppers stood round to take pictures or leave coins as the musician thrummed out tunes using his guitar and his pick of the litter.

31-year-Charlie Cavey - who has to squeeze his 5ft 9in frame into the bin - performed in Cambridge this afternoon, presumably playing hits from the band Garbage, and possibly rock band Suede's hit, Trash. He has performed in the city's four-day busking festival and credits his idea with watching a council worker empty a city-centre bin one day when he thought: 'I could fit inside it'. Speaking earlier this year he said he attracts a crowd as people can't work out where the music is coming from.

'They can hear me but can't see me so they always stop and try to work out where I am. 'They're always shocked when they discover I'm in a bin, then they start getting their cameras out. It always makes people laugh.' Charlie has had rubbish thrown in on him before, and he has a five-song limit before needing to stretch his legs. He has also been the victim of late-night revellers, including one occasion when he was robbed. Once his guitar strings were cut, and another time someone banged the back of his head so hard he saw stars.

Following the incident in Match he said: 'It's just not right that these people should be targeting buskers when all they are doing is bringing a nice atmosphere to the streets.'
Hopefully today he got a good reception, otherwise he might have had to contend with a bombardment of discarded orange peels and sandwich wrappers.

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