Don't give me a long stretch: 7ft 4in man admits car crimes but fears he'll be picked on in prison

Posted on 5:47 AM by Sameer Shah

A 7ft 4in criminal begged a judge not to send him to jail - because he is too tall.

Christopher Lister said he feared being bullied over his height by other prisoners.

The 21-year-old, who is registered disabled, also suffers from back pain without a bed and doorways tailored to his frame.

But his pleas were in vain and he was jailed for 11 months for a string of vehicle-related offences.

Richard Wright, representing him, told the court that prison would be difficult for Lister 'not just because of his health, which is linked to his size, but you know the type of environment that exists in prison and you know that those who stand out are prone to bullying and intimidation.

'There is a real concern for him in that regard.'

Leeds Crown Court heard that on November 26 last year Lister provided a stolen van which was used in a house burglary in the Armley area of the city.

Peter Moulson, prosecuting, said a £1,800 television was stolen and loaded into the rear of the Citroen van but the vehicle got stuck outside the premises and could not be moved.

An eyewitness saw Lister and others running off and the stolen property was recovered.

Lister was arrested and bailed with a curfew while inquiries were made. But in April this year he committed two offences of interfering with motor vehicles.

One was a write-off because of the damage caused.

Lister admitted handling a stolen van, burglary, driving while disqualified and with no insurance, and two charges of interfering with vehicles.

He also admitted being in breach of a suspended six-month sentence, again for dangerous driving and driving while disqualified, when he was involved in a police chase last June at speeds of up to 100mph which ended in a collision with the police car.

Jailing Lister on Wednesday, Recorder Paul Miller said: 'Your unhealthy obsession with motor vehicles has led you to a bad position today.

'It is clear not all your problems are of your own making but you are an adult now and responsible for your actions. I hope this is a turning point for you.'

Lister, who is just three inches shorter than Britain's tallest man, described his difficulties in a TV documentary two years ago.

His parents Anita and Dave spent more than £20,000 adapting their Leeds home for him, opening doorways to the ceiling, and spending more than £1,000 on a special 7ft 6in bed.

He had hoped to train as a mechanic but found he could not work under vehicles, while his growth left him with constant back pain as his spine elongated.

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