The woman whose hair is EIGHT FEET long

Posted on 11:15 AM by Sameer Shah

As every woman knows, a bad hair day can pretty much ruin your entire mood.

But for Chenq Shiquin, they must be devastating.

Shiquin owns a beauty parlour - but somehow she has managed to avoid having a haircut for the last 16 years

She was pictured showing off her hair - which is eight feet long - in south-west China's Chongqing municipality this week.

It takes her two hours to wash her hair and another hour to comb it.

Despite the extreme lengths Shiquin has gone to in order to achieve her long locks, she does not hold the record for the world's longest hair.

That title belongs to another Chinese woman - Xie Qiuping of Guangxi province.

Her hair is a mind-boggling ten feet longer than Shiquin's, measuring 18.5ft in 2004.

She began growing it in 1973 at the age of 13.

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