The runaway cow that brought chaos to city centre

Posted on 1:29 PM by Sameer Shah

A busy city centre is no place for a cow.

But for seven hours this determined animal defied the best efforts of the emergency services to return her to her farm home.

Police received numerous calls from alarmed residents and motorists as the runaway cow wandered for about two miles through the centre of Hull.

Such was the chaos it was causing that the police helicopter was despatched to help track it as night fell.

To make matters worse train services through the city had to be halted when it began wandering along the main line. A vet called to the scene hit the animal with a tranquiliser dart, but the stubborn animal kept going.

At one stage police believed they had the beast cornered in the grounds of a factory, but it slipped through a fence and got away.

The chase began at 3pm on Tuesday when it was reported walking along Spring Bank West in Hull.

It finally ended at around 10 pm when another tranquiliser dart finally succeeded in bringing the cow down near Hull City's KC stadium.

With the help of firefighters, who used lifting equipment to raise her from a ditch, she was reunited with her relieved owner. Her calf, which had also gone missing, was also found.

Owner Trevor Graves said:'We are really pleased. It is something that should never have happened, but it has. We're just pleased to get her back now.'

The cow escaped from his farm at Cottingham, on the western outskirts of the city, and headed towards the centre on an adventure of a lifetime.

A Humberside Police spokeswoman said a 'handful' of officers were involved in the hunt for the cow, which was clearly frightened by the strange surroundings she found herself in.

'It was causing a nuisance, stopping trains and all sorts,' said the spokeswoman. The force helicopter used its thermal imaging camera to pinpoint the large black animal in undergrowth and pointed a searchlight at her to help vets and officers on the ground to track her.

There were fears of a serious emergency when the cow wandered on to the rail line and all train services were immediately suspended.

Inspector Allan Harvey said:'The animal was shot with some drugs to try and neutralise it, at which point it ran back on the railway line, and as you can see it was more a case of concern for safety of members of the public.'

There were fears it may reach the city's main train station and cause panic, but it was stopped in time and firefighters took over the operation to return her home.

A fire service spokesman said:'The fire crews secured the animal's legs for their own safety and then removed it using a salvage sheet.'

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