The calves who were moo-ved in the back of a farmer's tiny VW Golf

Posted on 6:25 AM by Sameer Shah

This is the astonishing sight which met motorists travelling along a busy Austrian motorway.

Drivers were forced to look twice after a farmer transported two live calves in the back of his tiny VW Golf.

The move angered animal rights campaigners who accused him of being cruel after pictures of his unusual transport method emerged in the country's newspapers.

The unidentified farmer, from from Kufstein district in Tyrol, insisted he 'acted out of love for his animals' as they would have been 'too cold' in an open-air trailer.

He said he had converted his car especially for the purpose of transporting calves from his farm to the pasture or to the local vet.

The farmer even claimed police gave him the green light to do so when they checked his old Golf last year.

In a bid to calm anger over the move, the farmer added that he would only transport young animals in the car that did not weigh more than 80 kilos.

He also argued that a draft from an open-air trailer would be dangerous to the young animals' health - and that they would be warmer and more comfortable in the car.

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