The teenage boy whose devoted mother overfed him until he ballooned to half a ton

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This teenage boy has lost half of his body weight – but he still weighs an incredible 30 stone.

Billy Robbins took the title of World’s Heaviest Teenager after exceeding 60 stone – more than half a ton.

Housebound for three years, he was forced into the dramatic weight loss after doctors warned his life would be at risk if his mother continued to overfeed him.

Barbara Robbins was so devoted to her son she would wait hand-and-foot on him, fetching him armfuls of fattening foods to satisfy his 8,000 calorie-a-day appetite.

In a Channel 4 documentary due to be shown on Monday, Barbara said: ‘He loves hamburgers, pizza, cola, chips, donuts. He likes good food too though, like broccoli … with cheese on top, of course.’

Barbara even bathed her son by hand, after he became too overweight to fit in the shower.

She said: ‘I did everything for him because he is my baby.’

Following years of teasing at school, Billy refused to return to his final year and was home-schooled instead.

He said: ‘I wish I could get out of my body, it is like a prison. The weight ends up destroying you. It takes your life away.

‘I guess my mother would be my best friend, she pretty much takes care of me.’

Last year, Billy agreed to try and cut down on his bulk after doctors warned him he was risking his life.

Under the care of a top obesity specialist, Billy agreed to lose two-and-a-half stone, so that surgeons could operate safely on him.

Billy’s surgery saw the team at Houston Renaissance Hospital remove a piece of flesh weighing five stone from his stomach.

Over the next three months, thanks to a regime of gentle exercise and a reduced calorie diet, Billy lost a total of 20 stone.

A second operation saw him fitted with a gastric band and Billy left the hospital weighing around 35 stone.

But the documentary reveals Barbara was also in need of treatment – and she was offered counseling in a bid to stop her encouraging her son’s out-of-control eating habits.

Barbara confessed to having lost another child to an brain tumour at the age of 19 months.

She said: ‘I overcompensated after losing Matthew, my first child. It was hard saying no to Billy when he wanted something to eat.

‘Maybe it is an addiction, maybe I’m addicted to my child?

‘It breaks my heart that for Billy to reach his goals, to be anything, to accomplish, to survive, it may mean my death. The guilt I have, sometimes it almost destroys me.’

A final operation saw Billy’s stomach band tightened, bringing him down to 30 stone.

He will also move into a rehab centre in a bid to break the destructive relationship with food his mother.

He said: ‘I am very scared of moving out on my own. But I accept I am going to have to move out eventually, I feel like I am slowly killing my mom.’

Half Ton Son is on Channel 4 at 10pm on Monday.

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