Well, I'll be doggone! Canine caper as dog steals bone from shop at Christmas

Posted on 6:58 AM by Sameer Shah

As thefts go it was pretty straightforward. The thief walked right into the shop, picked up what he wanted and walked straight back out again.

Except this criminal was a canine.

Just before Christmas the four-legged hound sauntered into Smiths Food & Drug Store in Murray, Utah, and, after a brief sniff at checkout, moved straight to aisle 16 - the pet aisle.

Once there he casually grabbed a rawhide bone (worth $2.79) and, with it safely clamped between his jaws, headed for the exit.

It was at this point that it could have all gone wrong for him as he came across the store's manager, Roger Adamson. He told CNN: 'I have never seen this dog before, he's a brand-new customer. He didn't even have his special value card.

'I looked at him and I said "Drop it". Then I decided I wanted to keep all my fingers so I didn't try to take it from him.

'He looked at me and I looked at him, and then he ran for the door and away he went - right out the front door.'

Looking back over CCTV footage, which captured the entire incident, one shop worker remarked: 'You have to see it to believe it, it's crazy.'

Latest reports suggest the four-legged thief is still at large.

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