The strong arm of the law: 19-stone body-building policeman is Britain's hardest copper

Posted on 8:23 AM by Sameer Shah

Britain's hardest bobby was revealed today - as a 19 STONE national body-building champion.

PC Gary Rogers, 45, embodies the strong arm of the law for Barnet borough police force with 21in biceps, 30in thighs, a 31in waist and an incredible 56in chest.

Gary - standing at 6'3" - dwarfs other officers on the beat and admits his physique is definitely an asset for tackling trouble-makers - helping him collar thousands of crooks in his career so far.

'I do get a lot of people saying they would not want to mess with me,' said Gary, from Leighton Buzzard, Beds.

'Occasionally idiots want to try it on and prove their point, but usually I find having the size and physical presence does help to calm down situations.

'Because I'm working the same area day after day I've really built up a rapport with people.'

Hefty Gary has been catching criminals with the Woodhouse Safer Neighbourhood Team for the last two years and reckons he has nicked thousands of offenders in his 22 years with the police.

In the last year alone his imposing bulk has helped arrest over 100 trouble-makers in the Whetstone area.

Originally a powerlifter who competed for the Metropolitan Police, Gary switched to body-building six years ago after tearing the cruciate ligament in both knees.

On November 9 he won the regional heat of the over-40s body-building competition as part of the nationwide Stars of Tomorrow event.

Father-of-three Gary is now training hard for the UK Body-building and Fitness Federation finals next October.

Gary's fitness regime involves getting up at 4am every morning and pumping iron for three hours a day.

He eats a strict daily diet of FIVE protein shakes, SIX chicken breasts, 300g of rice, 100g of oats, 10 ounces of steak and a mountain of fresh vegetables.

The dedicated fitness fanatic can squat 220kg, bench press 200kg and overhead press 140kg in sets of six to eight repetitions.

As the competition date looms Gary will halve his carbohydrate intake and slim down to 17-and-a-half stone.

Gary said his bulging biceps particularly impressed kids in the community.

He said: 'I go into schools and it is quite handy to be able to talk not just about crime, but about other things like nutrition and fitness which helps to show I am human and not just a policeman in uniform.

'Kids usually think my size is pretty cool and it's a great way to break the ice with them.

'If I am leading by example and can help get young people out and active by playing sports, that can only be a good thing.'

'I love the challenge of getting myself into peak physical shape in just a few weeks for a competition.

'But it's especially hard when you are sitting in the office and everyone is passing around doughnuts and cakes.'

Gary's fiancee Jayne, 40, revealed there were good and bad aspects to Gary's body-building obsession.

Jayne, who works for a housing charity, said: 'It's a bit of a love hate relationship. When Gary is competing it's quite intense because we have to eat every two hours.

'But I do like the fact he keeps himself in shape and doesn't drink or smoke.'

Gary works as a personal trainer in his spare time and is constantly pestered by colleagues to create individual fitness regimes.

Acting sergeant Anne-Marie Bullivant at Whetstone police station, said: 'We always feel safer with Gary around, but he is a gentle giant.

'We think it's fantastic he is competing. He has even given us tips on training exercises and set people diet plans.'

Gary has three children from his first marriage, Daniel, 24, Damian, 21, and Todd, 18.

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