Now that's what I call a river dance

Posted on 8:38 PM by Sameer Shah

It’s the kind of scene that most anglers, wearied from hours sitting on the bank with barely a nibble to show for it, can only dream about.

This is a 'superswarm' of silver carp, caused by the hum of a fishing boat's electric motor.

The carp react to the vibrations as they would to a predator - jumping up to 10ft out of the water.

The aerial dance - captured by documentary makers in August on the Illinois river, a tributary of the Mississippi - is a spectacular sight as the water churns with fish.

But the frenzied silver carp, which weigh up to 40lb, can swamp boats and cause serious injury to anyone in their path.

Film-maker John Downer said the ferocity of the swarm astonished the team. 'It was like all hell had broken loose, they had to return with better protected equipment.

'For a fisherman it's like paradise. They don't even have to drop a line, the fish just jump into the boat.'

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