Five-year-old boy drowns in hotel pool on birthday trip to Disneyland Paris

Posted on 8:54 AM by Sameer Shah

A five-year-old boy has drowned after falling into a hotel pool near Disneyland Paris just one hour after arriving.

Colum Canning, from Derry, had gone to France to visit the resort with his twin brother Kieran, seven-year-old sister Caitlin and parents David and Karen to celebrate his birthday.

They had just checked in at the British-owned Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel, affiliated with Disneyland Paris, when the accident happened on Thursday.

It is understood Colum was playing with his brother and sister on the ground floor of the building when he disappeared from his mother's view for a few moments.

He was found a short time later in the pool.

He was pulled from the water by another guest but had already slipped into unconsciousness.

Colum died in hospital on Saturday when his parents took the decision to switch off his life support machine.

The boy's aunt, Sophie Martin Canning, said he was a mischievous child who was inseparable from his twin brother.

'Colum was a lovely five-year-old boy,' she said.

'He was loving and full of mischief. The twins were inseparable. They just could not be separated ever.'

The family had gone to France to visit the Disneyland resort for Christmas and to celebrate the twins' birthday on Boxing day.

The Thomas Cook Explorers Hotel advertises itself on its website as a 'Selected Hotel' of the Disneyland resorts, and boasts of its location 'just minutes' from the theme park.

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