Dubya Dunrulin': From White House to bungalow, George Bush downsizes for retirement

Posted on 8:16 AM by Sameer Shah

For most people a $2million bungalow in an affluent neighbourhood would be a dream home.

But if you're George Bush it means a considerable downsize from your current address.

The President of the United States and his wife Laura will move into the house in North Dallas after he leaves office in January - and it's a relatively modest affair when compared with the iconic stylings of the White House.

Laura Bush's press secretary, Sally McDonough, said that the Bush family purchased a home in the Preston Hollow area, which has some of the most expensive houses in Texas and is home to some of the state's wealthiest residents.

Bush plans to move there, rather than his Texas ranch.

But for now he is continuing to enjoy his last weeks at his salubrious Washington address.

Yesterday he met Santa and lit the 42-foot Christmas tree outside the White House.

Fist-bumping like Obama, Bush greeted the jolly red figure in typical laid-back fashion as crowds gathered shivering in the cold for the traditional ceremony.

For the final time as president, Bush shouted along with thousands of guests attending the ceremony as he switched on the lights.

'Everybody join. Five, four, three, two, one,' the crowd cheered heartily as the tree on the Ellipse by the Washington Monument sparkled with yellow lights and a glowing star.

Before the lights went on, Bush remembered U.S. troops who are risking their lives far from home.

'Over the past eight years, my greatest honour as president has been serving as commander in chief of the finest military ever known,' Bush said.

'They serve with courage and with honour, and they've made incredible sacrifices.'

Bush also chatted happily about his life after the White House.

'You may have heard that Laura and I are going to have plenty of time next year,' he told Santa.

'The problem is we're going to be short on an airplane after leaving the White House. Have you got an extra sleigh?,' he joked.

Bush was treated to a Christmas song, When It's Christmas Time in Texas, sung by Santa himself.

'There's nothing like Christmas in Crawford, isn't that right Mr. President,' Santa said, referring to the Texas town where Bush has a ranch.

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