Down in the dumps: The poor rabbit left in a wheelie bin just hours before the crusher came

Posted on 6:25 PM by Sameer Shah

A student had the shock of his life when he put his bin out for collection - only to find a giant rabbit dumped inside.

Dusty the bunny is lucky to be alive after being callously thrown out with the rubbish in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The large silver rabbit was found dumped in a wheelie bin by horrified student Joshua Marks as he took out the bins last week.

Television production student Joshua said: 'I woke up and took the bins out and just had a quick check in the bin to make sure it was full.

'I opened the bin and thought it was a massive rat - then I went to take another peek and noticed it was a rabbit.

'I was just shocked. I assume someone had put it in there. It was quite a cute rabbit.

'They empty the bin on Wednesday morning so it would have been gone about an hour later - it might have got crushed.'

Joshua phoned the RSPCA straight away before heading off for his studies.

He joked: 'I was just going off to work to do a film shoot so I couldn't be late - but this could be my new blockbuster.'

Luckily it was a happy ending for Dusty.

RSPCA Inspector Graham Hammond took Dusty to the RSPCA Bournemouth Animal Clinic where he was checked over before being placed temporarily with a fosterer.

Insp Hammond said: 'It is very lucky that this rabbit was spotted when he was as he could easily have been suffocated in the rubbish or crushed in the jaws of the refuse lorry.

'There is never any excuse for abandoning an animal and I would urge anyone who recognises this rabbit to contact us.'

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