Clock this: 35ft chocolate Big Ben towers over Italian food festival

Posted on 12:13 PM by Sameer Shah

It’s time for a sweet treat with this 35ft high Big Ben clock tower made entirely from chocolate.

The scale model of St Stephen’s Tower was sculpted from 17,600lbs of chocolate by artist Angelo Feduzzi for a Christmas food festival in Macerata Feltria, central Italy.

The chocolate tower took two weeks to put together. Feduzzi said: ‘It has turned out to be the highlight of the festival. people have come for miles just to see my Big Ben.

‘I am very happy and proud to have created something so successful.’

Festival organisers have said that with daytime temperatures at the moment in the town are no more than three degrees Celsius, so the tower is in no danger of melting.

The chocolate clock will stay standing for the rest of the week before it is finally sliced up and handed out to the public.

The medieval town of Macerata Feltria was built on the ruins of the Roman village Pitinum Pisaurense and is renown for its beautiful churches and Paleo-Christian sculpture.

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