'We know dinner is in there somewhere mum!': World's hairiest dog gives birth to NINE pups

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Her vision may blocked by the great mass of fur in front of her eyes - but the smile on this moptop mutt's face is clear to see as she sits with her NINE new puppies.

As one of the world's rarest dogs shaggy canine Kyra has boosted the Komondor breed's UK population by a quarter - after giving birth to the huge litter.

It is Britain's biggest-ever litter of Komondors which are worth £1,000 each.

The breed is known as the world's hairiest dog because their fur grows in long dreadlocks which resemble a 'mop' reaching the floor.

There were only 40 Komondors in Britain but its population has gone up by a quarter thanks to Kyra's unprecedented litter.

Each fluffy pup is identical and so have been daubed with a different colour on their tails to tell them apart - and has also helped name them.

The litter are known Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Silver, Brown, Pink, White and Tiny - named because he was slightly smaller than the rest.

Owners Gareth and Debi Young, of Newquay, Cornwall, said they were 'stunned' when Kyra produced nine pups - which are worth over £1,000 each.

Mum-of-two Debi, 48, said: 'We were amazed when she produced a litter of nine - a typical litter is around four.

'I've never heard of such a high number. Komondors are fantastic animals - very loyal and sociable. They are quite a handful though.

'They're all doing well though and are an adorable little rabble. Looking after them is a full-time job at the moment.

'I think the dogs are so rare because they are very hard to breed, and are also quite a lot of work.

'You have to maintain their coats, which grow as a mass of matted dreadlocks. I think generally people are often put off by all the effort.'

Komondors are known as 'the ultimate sheep-dog' and come from Hungary where they were traditionally used to protect sheep and cattle.

The dogs - which grow up to 80 lbs (36kg) and to 30 inches - took on wolves and bears and their hair is thick enough to protect them from wolf bites.

The pups are now being cared for by the family including daughters Billie, 12 and Alice, eight, and plan to sell eight of them.

Gareth and Debi took two-and-a-half-year-old Kyra to Manchester to find a breeder with a good pedigree.

Gareth, 39, a fitness coach, said: 'They are not dogs people should consider owning unless they have had experience with dogs before.

'It is very important to us that we find good homes for the pups. Whoever buys them needs a good-sized garden and good grooming skills.'

Their kennel name - Pusztamagus Havas Szulak - means 'a snowy flower' in Hungary where they originate from.

Once the puppies are between six and nine months old their fluffy coat will change into the mass of dreadlocks seen on the adults.

Once widespread, there are now only several thousand of the dogs worldwide with the majority in the United States.

Many Komondors were killed during World War II when Germans invaded Hungary and had to kill the loyal dog before they could capture a farm or home.

Komondors have the heaviest fur in the canine world and owners have to separate the cords of fur so the dog does not turn into one large matted mess.

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