Three killed in crash during police pursuit as another man dies in separate chase by officers

Posted on 3:40 AM by Sameer Shah

Three people were killed and a fourth seriously injured today as they were being chased by police.

Two men and a woman died when the vehicle hit the kerb and overturned at around 3.30am after the driver lost control.

They had earlier refused to stop for officers in Oldham, Greater Manchester, so police had given chase.

It ended in tragedy when the Vauxhall Vectra crashed through a wall, spun round and overturned onto its roof in a house's front garden.

A second woman survived the accident and is in a critical condition in hospital.

Greater Manchester Police said a police patrol had earlier tried to stop the car in Oldham town centre but the driver drove off so they followed.

The crash happened shortly afterwards in Middleton Road, Chadderton. It is not yet known why officers wanted to stop the vehicle before the chase started.

The area around the crash site was sealed off by police this morning. Forensic officers could be seen examining the overturned, burned out wreckage of the vehicle.

Paul Kelly, 40, a warehouse manager who lives about 100 yards from the scene, said he was woken up by a huge explosion at around 3.45am.

He said: 'It was so loud I thought something had come into my house. I ran to the window and could see the car in flames.

'By the time I got out into the street the police were already here and they told me to go back inside. The ambulances arrived and then the fire brigade.'

He added that the driver appeared to have lost control after going over a rise in the road and had hit the kerb. The force spun the car and it then overturned.

Another neighbour, Matthew Tipton, was woken up by police sirens and then a 'really loud explosion' .

'From what I heard, I think the police were possibly still on the other side of the main road when the car turned over and crashed.

'They must have been going at some speed because the rise in the road at the junction is bad enough when you're going at normal speed. Loads of police cars and fire engines arrived and were here for a very long time.'

Mr Tipton lives in the first house on Middleton Road, about 250 yards from the crash scene.

The garden walls of the two houses either side of where the car crashed also appear to have been demolished.

Speaking at the scene this morning, Superintendent Alan Greene said the victims appeared to be 'quite young' in age.

He said: 'The vehicle was going at considerable speed, so much so that the police car could not keep up with it. The speeds involved are really quite considerable and those in the car appear to be quite young people.'

The incident has now been referred to the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, for investigation.

In a separate police chase, another man was killed when his car crashed on a motorway as he was being followed by officers.

Police were pursuing the car on the M1 near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, because it had failed to stop.

The man, thought to be a rear seat passenger, was killed at around 2am when the car careered off the road and hit a bank.

The driver and another passenger were arrested near the crash scene. The IPCC has also been informed of the second incident.

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