Origami artist shows off his amazing creations from one dollar bills

Posted on 7:09 AM by Sameer Shah

You wouldn't have thought origami was a particularly expensive hobby - or one which involves a detailed knowledge of spacecraft.

But for artist Won Park, it's a bit of both.

The paper-art master twists and folds his creations entirely from one dollar notes and has fashioned models of some of Hollywood's most famous spaceships.

Among his designs are fantastically intricate replicas of the Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighters and X-Wing jets from the Star Wars films and Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

The talented - and extremely patient - artist has also created wonderfully detailed models of koi carp, scorpions and a spider.

The 38-year-old, from Hawaii, took up origami when he was just five and was taught to fold simple models by his mother.

'As I got more advanced in my folding skills I started to fold my own creations. Then, in junior high school, I started to fold dollar-bills and was hooked on that ever since,' he said.

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