Meet Harvey the dog who gets his daily exercise riding the waves

Posted on 1:29 AM by Sameer Shah

His name is Harvey and he's a surfer of the highest pedigree.

After all, it's not everyone who can balance with four feet on the board at once - let alone use his tail as a rudder.

The three-year-old labrador is the pet of Scott Pearson and his 16-year-old son James, both keen surfers.

He regularly joins them on Tynemouth beach in North Tyne-side, where he has his own sponge surfboard which he carries in and out of the waves in his jaws.

'He's been in the water ever since he was a pup,' said 43-year-old Mr Pearson, from Gosforth.

'Whenever we're out surfing he's always following us - he never stays on the beach.'

James, who hopes to join the British surfing team and is pictured right with his dog, said Harvey first took to a surfboard this summer.

'My Dad and I were out paddling on the board and Harvey just swam out to us and we put him on the board.

"He's a real natural and now every time he is out on his board people watch in amazement.

'It's great that I can now take Harvey out on the waves - I just hope he doesn't get better than me!'

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