The baby boy who weighed in at at a whopping 13lb 4oz

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According to the old wives' tale, a woman who's given birth to one big baby can expect her future children to be even bigger.

So Stephanie Munton - mother of 10lb 10oz Amber, 10lb 11oz Beth and 11lb 9oz Sam - was prepared for a supersize arrival when she became pregnant for a fourth time.

Days before the birth, her 'bump' measured a huge 60in across.

But even she was shocked when the doctors held up Charlie, who was born in January. They quickly discovered that he tipped the scales at a whopping 13lb 4oz.

Mrs Munton, 41, a teacher, said: 'I've given birth to all my children naturally, although with Charlie he was definitely the hardest.

'I only had gas and air for pain relief, and I couldn't believe it when they held him up afterwards. He looked as big as a six-month-old baby.

'The doctors couldn't wait to get him on the scales, and when they told me how much he weighed I just couldn't believe it.

'I knew he was going to be big - all my three children had just got bigger with each pregnancy. But I never thought he would be that big.'

The first of Mrs Munton's children, Amber, now 16, was born in August 1992, weighing 10lb 10oz. Three years later, she gave birth to daughter Beth, 13, who was an ounce heavier. Sam, now nine, was born in October 1998 weighing a massive 11lb 9oz.

Mrs Munton, who lives in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, said: 'I had a real shock when Amber was born as she was so big. She was twice the size of other friends' babies.

'I had to use sticky tape to keep her nappies on, then when Beth was born she needed romper suits for three-month babies.

'All the family were shocked when Sam arrived and he was even heavier, but by then I was getting used to having big babies. And he was in sleeper suits for six-month- olds when he was first born.'

Three years ago, Mrs Munton separated from her partner and met her current boyfriend Richard Railton, 40, a stock control manager.

The couple decided they would try for a baby and in April last year Mrs Munton discovered she was pregnant.

Charlie is now seven months old, and at 32lb he is much bigger than most other babies his age.

Mrs Munton said: 'I certainly won't be having any more. With my track record, I dread to think what could happen next time.'

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