Rapunzel, Rapunzel: Pensioner's amazing five-feet long locks that haven't been cut in 55 YEARS

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When Jean Burgess was 15, she was photographed beside a lily of the valley her father was helping to grow for the Queen's coronation bouquet in 1953.

Young Jean hated the photograph because her hair was so short.

So she vowed never to have it cut again.

Rapunzel: Jean Burgess, 70, hasn't had a haircut since 1953. Short haired as a teenager (right)

And she has stayed true to her word - with the result that, 55 years later, her hair is an incredible 5ft 6in long.

It takes two-and-a-half hours to comb, 45 minutes to wash and 24 hours to drip dry. So it's no surprise that she keeps it in a bun and only lets it down for special occasions.

One such occasion was her 70th birthday, which she has just celebrated.

Mrs Burgess, a grandmother from Sevenoaks in Kent, said: 'I hated those pictures of me when I was 15 so much. I had to have my hair short for school and I felt like a boy.

'My father was a gardener and worked in the royal nursery so having my picture taken with the flowers being grown especially for the Queen's bouquet was an incredible honour - I just loathed my hair in the pictures so much I didn't want to show anybody.

'That's why, from then on I vowed to grow it. When I got married at 20 years old it was past my shoulders and by 30 it was hitting the floor.'

Bun fun: Jean let her hair down for her 70th birthday

Mrs Burgess, a divorcee with five children aged between 45 and 31, said there was one moment when she almost gave it the chop.

'With five children it was a pain and I remember grabbing my ponytail in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other and going to chop it all off once, but I saw how long it was and couldn't bring myself to do it. Since then I've worn it in a tight bun and I only take it down twice a year to give it a wash with baby shampoo.

'It's the best product for stopping it getting tangled which is great as it takes between two and three hours to comb as it is.

'I have to do it with my fingers as brushes just get caught up in it and then I lay it out across the garden on a sunny day and wait for it to dry.

'People think washing it every six months means it's dirty but it's in great condition as your hair is designed to clean itself with natural oils. These people who wash theirs everyday are destroying it.'

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