Myleene the mermaid plumbs the depths in underwater stunt for TV

Posted on 2:33 PM by Sameer Shah

Myleene Klass has consistently reinvented herself since winning Popstars to land a place in Hear'Say back in 2001.

The 30-year-old has a CV that boasts singer, classical musician, actress, model and radio and television presenter.

And now the mother-of-one has added yet another string to her bow by spending a whole day in a water tank to see how underwater scenes are filmed.

As part of her monthly CNN International film programme The Screening Room, Klass emerged with a few minutes of film of her swimming in a white dress without an oxygen mask.

During her day at Pinewood studios, she was trained and watched over by a stunt team that included a driving instructor who has worked with Angelina Jolie.

Klass said: 'I found the stunt a lot more exhausting and physical than I expected it to be.

'I was wearing three weight belts to keep me on the sea bed and I had to keep equalising, yet try and look graceful.

'My dress kept floating up over my head, my hair kept getting in my mouth and my eyes went red in the water. Being underwater was emotionally really liberating though.

'The only scary bit was when I thought the diving instructor was to the left of me, but he was to the right. I swam around looking for him but by the time I got to him I had no air left, it was a bit freaky.

'When I got outside, I looked like a giant prune.'

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