Montauk Monster: A hoax to promote a film?

Posted on 1:39 PM by Sameer Shah

The skinless, leathery beast that was photographed “washed up” on a New York beach was most likely a film prop placed as a publicity stunt, according to Gawker, the US gossip website the originally broke the story.

The animal had variously been identified as a dog, raccoon, vole, and shell-less turtle since images emerged last month.

But now the makers of a film being made in the area of Montauk, Long Island where it was photographed appear to have claimed that they are in possession of the corpse.

A brief, cryptic post on a blog set up to promote the film, Splinterheads, states: “We have the Montauk Monster”.

A blog set up to investigate the mystery has also been contacted by a woman who claims that the creature is a prop from the film.

The film’s director Darren Goldberg shares a surname with Rachel Goldberg, one of the women who claimed to have seen the creature.

Her television interview helped propel the story from urban myth to genuine news story, attracting coverage from major US networks including CNN.

The pair have been named on blogs as brother and sister, though this has not been firmly established.

Mr Goldberg has so far not commented on the reports that the mystery has been an elaborate marketing ploy for his film.

But the theory would help explain why the remains of the animal have since disappeared and never been inspected, and why photos of two slightly different versions of the “Montauk Monster” have made their way onto the internet.

The film Splinterheads, which is due out next year, is a comedy about a group of carnival workers.

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