Knife gang forces GCSE teenager, 16, to plunge seven floors to his death

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A promising schoolboy who was nervously waiting for his GCSE results plunged 60ft to his death from a tower block after fleeing from a knife-wielding gang.

For the past few weeks, all 16-year-old Ahmed Benyermak could talk about was his expectations for his grades and plans to become a car mechanic.

But instead of picking up his nine passes at GCSE yesterday, his cousin and nine-year-old sister had to make the heartbreaking trip to open his results.

The teenager was on the 13th floor of the high-rise building in Hackney, East London, with a group of friends when they spotted a hooded mob approaching on bikes on the ground below.

Fearing that they would be attacked, the panicked group fled. But Ahmed became separated from his friends.

He tried to escape by jumping over an open balcony and started to clamber down railings attached to the the outside of the block.

Although he managed several floors, it is believed a wire mesh covering the seventh-floor balcony caused the youngster to lose his footing, and he fell moments later.

James Roberts, 45, said: 'A gang of kids was chasing him - there were about five of them - and they were probably trying to stab him or something. He tried to climb down each balcony but then he fell.'

Other witnesses even claimed the terrified youngster may have been pushed off the building by the gang on Wednesday afternoon. His body was found at 4pm.

A neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, said: 'He was being chased by a gang with knives and got stuck outside the seventh floor. I was told they caught up with him and knocked him down.'

Police sources suggested last night, however, that the death had all the hallmarks of a tragic accident that had been triggered by panic.

The eldest of four children - he had two brothers aged 16 and one, and a sister - Ahmed was described as a 'loving and caring' young man by his tearful relatives who live just streets away from where his death occurred. His mother Naima Abdian was too devastated to speak about her loss.

His aunt said: 'He was so excited about his results. He was very happy and looking to the future.

'He was saying to his mum how much he was looking forward to finding out his marks.

'It's tragic because now he will never know how well he had done.'

Originally from Morocco, the close-knit family said Ahmed was a quiet boy, who rarely went out of the house.

They also confirmed that he was afraid of heights.

His aunt added: 'He was a loving and caring child. He got along with everybody. He never really went out, he wasn't that sort of kid.

'He was going to a college in Tower Hamlets, and he wanted to be a car mechanic. As far as we are concerned it is murder. It's definitely not an accident.'

His uncle Mustapha Benyermak said: 'He was a nice kid, a friendly guy. He didn't get into trouble.

'He was at home most of the time. He always helped people out if he could.

'The innocent are always the first to go.'

Ahmed's cousin Samya Riahi, 16, added: 'Maybe he was too nice. He kept himself to himself. He didn't get involved in trouble.'

Friend Josh Ley described Ahmed as a hard-working pupil who took his education seriously. He is understood have to have passed at least five exams at Grade C and one at B.

Adding to the tributes, his head teacher yesterday said staff at the Hackney Free and Parochial Secondary School were 'shocked and devastated' by Ahmed's death.

Richard Brown said: 'Ahmed's only been here a year. The great achievement is he achieved nine GCSEs.

'I have spoken to his family and they are most proud of the fact that he got a C in maths and a C in science.'

Mr Brown said Ahmed's death may have been gang related, adding: 'Suddenly we have had this dreadful tragedy, possibly as a result of gang activity.'

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Stevenson, of the Metropolitan Police, said: 'This is a tragic and unnecessary death. The victim was with a group of friends on the 13th floor of a tower block when they became concerned about another group of youths cycling towards them.

'This caused the victim and his friends to leave the area.

'The victim was separated from his friends. He climbed on to the outside of the tower block via an open balcony and then climbed down several floors trying to escape.

'He reached the seventh floor when he could no longer carry on. At this point he fell to his death.'

Police were still outside at Paragon Road last night and flowers have been laid with tributes to the tragic teenager.

One read: 'My dearest cousin Ahmed, you will always be in my thoughts, love you loads.'

Another said: 'To my dear friend Ahmed, RIP, hope your afterlife is the best.'

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