Jade Goody 'devastated' as she's told she has cancer... in the Big Brother house

Posted on 10:26 AM by Sameer Shah

Jade Goody received the devastating news that she has cancer while she was appearing in the Indian version of Big Brother.

The 27-year-old, who made her name on Big Brother in the UK, was a contestant on Bigg Boss 2 when she was called to the Diary Room to speak to her UK doctor.

He told her the results of a recent biopsy taken after a series of recent mystery collapses.

The mother-of-two broke down in tears and sobbed to housemates as she revealed she'd received some 'bad news' and that she had to leave the house.

She was immediately withdrawn from the programme and was today returning home to Britain for treatment.

Her spokesman Mark Thomas said: 'It is pretty obvious that she was looking forward to her time in the house but her health is the first priority and she is flying back for treatment and more tests.'

It is not known which form of cancer she has. It is not clear whether she has womb or cervical cancer but the latter is far more common in women under 35.

Jade had entered the Bigg Boss house, for which it is believed she was to receive £50,000, after undergoing tests at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex following her third cancer scare and following four mystery collapses earlier this month.

Despite awaiting her test results, the reality star proceeded with her trip to India because she needed the money to support her two sons.

In an interview with Reveal magazine, which took place just two days before she flew to India, Jade admitted her fears.

She said: 'I know going to India sounds crazy, and a lot of people will criticise me for it, but I have to pay my bills. And if I do face cancer, I need to make sure I can support the boys.

'It's really hard not knowing what is happening. I'm trying to block it out and not to get too depressed.'

But just three days after entering the house, she was told the devastating news yesterday by a specialist from the UK who was patched through to the Diary Room to speak to her.

A source said: 'She was called into the Diary Room and spoke to her agent and then her consultant in the UK.

'She just burst into tears, ran out and said to housemates "I have cancer".'

Show bosses said the scenes will not be aired when the show is transmitted later tonight.

Having taken the tests earlier this month she decided to go ahead and take part in the show, which offered her a £100,000 payday - to try to make amends for the race row with Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

In the celebrity version of the UK show, she racially abused Shilpa, calling her 'Shilpa Poppadom'.

It is understood that Goody has been having tests for some time due to concerns about her health following a series of mystery collapses but doctors had, until now, been unable to find the cause.

Miss Goody's spokesman said: 'She is devastated. It is a terrible thing to be told you have cancer.

'She broke down while she was on air and told some of the other housemates she had some bad news and had to go home.

'When I spoke to her she was very upset, frightened and I tried to reassure her as best I could.

'It looks like her cancer is at an early stage but we will have to wait until she gets back to Britain and sees a specialist and has more tests.'

Celebrity publicist Max Clifford told GMTV: 'The most important thing is to get her back with people who care for her.'

'It is dreadful but the irony of it is that Shilpa Shetty was instrumental in inviting Jade on the show, it was a great opportunity and something she was really looking forward to.'

The show features 12 Indian celebrities and is hosted by Shilpa Shetty, 33, the Bollywood star who won the hearts of viewers after being bullied by Goody and other housemates.

Ofcom received more than 50,000 complaints about Goody, Danielle Lloyd and former S Club singer Jo O'Meara's alleged racist bullying.

After Goody - who has a black father - was evicted, she said she was 'embarrassed and disgusted' by her own behaviour in the house but denied she was a racist.

Goody's money-spinning contracts dried up - her perfume, Shh..., was taken off the shelves and publishers decided to drop a paperback edition of her autobiography.

Gordon Brown, who was then Chancellor, was forced to defend Britain as a 'country of fairness and tolerance' and the TV star visited India, where her effigy had been burnt during the race row.

It is her third such cancer scare, following tests for bowel cancer in 2006 and ovarian cancer in 2004. On those occasions she was given the all clear.

When she collapsed at the start of August she was seen being pushed around by her ex-boyfriend Jack Tweed.

Miss Goody, who shot to fame on Big Brother 3, was attempting to revive her career after the notorious incident on Celebrity Big Brother last year when she allegedly racially abused 33-year-old Miss Shetty.

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