Giant Kites To Harness Wind Power

Posted on 1:43 PM by Sameer Shah

My guess is that I don’t have to remind you how much fossil fuels are polluting the air and how important is to develop new clean ways to harness energy. Now we have solar and wind energy, as well as wave and tidal power. Today we’re going to talk about a new way of harnessing wind power that was developed by the researchers from Delft University of Technology in Netherlands.

This technique is based on flying kites to get energy for your house. The scientists tied a 10 square-meter kite to a generator that produced 10 kilowatts which is enough to power about 10 houses. Now, they want to design a kite that could generate about 50 kilowatts and also, the want to build an 100 megawatt array which will power up to 100,000 houses.

The array will be called Laddermill and it will consist of kites tethered at 30,000 feet which will produce a total of 100 megawatts of power. Kites have the advantage of being cheaper than wind turbines and they don’t require much land use and adding the fact that high-altitude winds can generate more energy than on the ground then this technology looks very promising. Check out the video below of the kite test flight!

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