Are we the champions?

Posted on 3:12 PM by Sameer Shah

Swimmer Rebecca Adlington after breaking the 800m world record by more than than two seconds.

On Saturday morning, we were nothing – a nation epitomised by disappointment, failure, absurdity. Yet, according reports yesterday and today, it's great to be British!

Indeed. But for all the undoubted superiority of the likes of Rebecca Adlington, swimming faster than any other woman, it's hard to entirely eliminate the cynical jibes of the Australians and others who point out that we are mainly picking up those golds in sports that involve sitting down. Or specialist equipment. Or being mildly posh. Or things such as Yngling, which turn out not to even be a verb.

Are these any more than just the barbs of jealous losers? Or are we once again at the pinnacle of world sport? How proud are you?

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