Women lash out at cabin crew with vodka bottle at 30,000ft

Posted on 3:19 PM by Sameer Shah

The pilot of a holiday jet was forced to divert and make an unscheduled landing after two drunken British women attacked his cabin crew with a vodka bottle and tried to open an emergency exit in midair.

Stewards and passengers wrestled with the pair, who had been caught smoking in the lavatory on the flight back from Kos in Greece.

They were overpowered and pinned to the ground as a flight attendant cuffed their hands behind their backs.

Last night a spokeswoman for XL Airways praised the captain and his five cabin crew, saying: ‘They requested these two ladies behave themselves and when the situation looked like it could get out of hand the crew responded swiftly and bravely.

‘Other passengers joined in to assist and we thank them for their support. People will not tolerate this behaviour.

‘The women had been caught smoking in the toilet. Everyone knows this is totally against the rules.

'They then became abusive to the cabin crew and started to disrupt the other passengers. There were no injuries.’

XL Airways, based at Gatwick, was founded in 2001 and has built up trade offering flights booked through major tour operators.

The women were breathalysed – one had 130 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, the other 180. The legal limit for driving is 80.

It is understood they have been remanded in custody.

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